Get your guy rock­ing the vin­tage look with Lisa Com­fort’s dap­per flo­ral tie

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80cm (31½") length of"fab­ric 20cm (8") lin­ing (we used satin) 20cm (8") domette in­ter­lin­ing Ties aren’t just for smart wear – we reckon dudes look just as good work­ing the vin­tage gent vibe when out for drinks or din­ner as they do in the of­fice. Use a light­weight cot­ton to cre­ate this piece – we used a vin­tage flo­ral from our stash. You won’t use most of the listed fab­ric amount, but you will need the length as it’s cut on the bias.

This pro­ject in­cludes in­struc­tions on how to cre­ate the pat­tern – a great in­tro to draft­ing. Team with skinny trousers and a ca­sual shirt and he'll be scrub­bing up nicely.

Draft­ing the pat­tern

Seam al­lowances are in­cluded through­out the in­struc­tions.

Front tie piece

Draw a ver­ti­cal line on a piece of pa­per 71cm (28") long. There needs to be 10cm (4") of ex­tra pa­per be­yond this line. La­bel it AB.

From the bot­tom of the line, A, mea­sure up 9cm (3½"). Then square out 9cm (3½") ei­ther side of the line. La­bel th­ese C and D.

Join C and D to A, cre­at­ing a point.

At B, square out 4.5cm (1¾") ei­ther side of the line. La­bel th­ese points E and F.

Join E to C and F to D us­ing a me­tre ruler.

Ex­tend line DF a fur­ther 9cm (3½") and la­bel G. Con­nect G to E.

The grain­line should be par­al­lel to ei­ther line AC or AD.

Back tie piece

Draw a line like you did in Step 1 and la­bel it AB.

From the bot­tom of the line A,#mea­sure up 5.5cm (2¼"). Then square out 5.5cm (2¼") ei­ther side of the line. La­bel th­ese points C and D.

Re­peat Steps 3-7 to back piece pat­tern.

cre­ate the Mak­ing the in­ter­lin­ing/ domette

At the bot­tom of the tie con­nect C and D in a line from AB. Then mea­sure out from line AB 4.5cm (17/ on ei­ther side along line CD.

At the top of the tie, con­nect E and F in a line. Then mea­sure out from line AB 2cm (¾") on ei­ther side.

Con­nect the points at the top#of the tie to the ones at the bot­tom. Ex­tend the lines un­til they#meet the bot­tom and top edges of the tie.

Trace off this shape with the grain­line in the same po­si­tion.

Re­peat the above process for the back tie, but mea­sur­ing out 2cm (¾") from the cen­tral line AB at#both the top and bot­tom.

The grain­line can run down the cen­tral line for this.


Draw a par­al­lel line to CD, 1cm (½") above it.

Trace off the pointed ends from this line down from the front tie. Re­peat this step for the back tie to cre­ate back lin­ing.

Cut­ting out

Cut out us­ing the fol­low­ing guide: Front tie – cut one. Back tie!– cut one. Front domette or in­ter­lin­ing – cut one. Back domette or in­ter­lin­ing – cut one. Front lin­ing – cut one. Back lin­ing – cut one.

Mak­ing up

The seam al­lowance is 1cm (½").

Place the front and back tie pieces right sides (RS) to­gether at!the di­ag­o­nal ends. The straight edges should align but the cor­ners should ex­tend out at ei­ther side (the same amount on each side). Pin in place.

Ma­chine stitch your pieces to­gether us­ing a 1cm (½") seam al­lowance start­ing at the ‘v’ on one side and fin­ish­ing at the same point on the other side. Press the seam open and cut off the points.

Place the front lin­ing, RS to­gether, with the pointed end of the front tie. Pin along the di­ag­o­nal edges and stitch in place, piv­ot­ing at the point. Cut off the point.

Turn the right way round and press so that the tie slightly rolls over the edge, hid­ing the lin­ing.

Re­peat steps 22-23 with the back lin­ing and tie.

Fold over 1cm (½") of one of the long sides of the tie and press flat.

Lie the tie flat, wrong side fac­ing up, and place the domette down the middle. The pointed ends should tuck un­der the lin­ing. The other ends should over­lap each other.

Then press the tie into shape, !us­ing the domette edge as!a guide, fold­ing the side with the raw edge first and then the side with the folded edge, so it over­laps. Pin in place. You'll need to take care at the pointed ends to make sure they are evenly pressed on both sides.

Slip stitch the folded edge down, catch­ing the domette as you go – just be care­ful you don’t stitch through to the front! Your tie is now ready to sling on.

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