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Craft a del­i­cate bracelet and ear­ring set

If you’ve never made your own jew­ellery be­fore, this dainty, del­i­cate set is a great place to start. Its min­i­mal­ist look means it works for both ev­ery­day wear and spe­cial oc­ca­sions, so it’s an ideal gift for friends, fam­ily and (more im­por­tantly) your­self.

Change up the look with sil­ver or cop­per leaf, or com­bine two shades of clay to cre­ate a mar­bled ef­fect. You’ll find gold chain and jump rings in most craft stores, or on­line – www.jew­ellery­ has a huge se­lec­tion that’s sure to bring out your in­ner mag­pie.

Roll the clay into two small logs, one 0.5cm ( ") in di­am­e­ter and the other just un­der 1cm ( 3 /8"), then slice off 0.5cm ( ") thick discs from both rolls. To make the ear­rings, shape the poly­mer clay from the smaller roll into pea-sized balls and flat­ten slightly. For the bracelet and box dec­o­ra­tions, flat­ten the clay from the big­ger roll to form discs roughly 2mm ( 1 /8") thick, then make a small hole in the top with a needle or sim­i­lar. Place the clay pieces on a bak­ing tray and put into the oven, fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions to set.

02 Once cooled, ap­ply a fine layer of Mod Podge or sim­i­lar craft glue to the clay and wait un­til tacky (this doesn’t take long). Add the gold leaf and dust off with a clean brush. The fi­nal ef­fect should have a cracked look – if you want to add more gold leaf, keep ap­ply­ing un­til you’re happy with the cov­er­age.

03 To fin­ish the ear­rings, ap­ply a dab of jew­ellery glue to the ear­ring back, leave for a few sec­onds and stick the clay in place. Leave to dry.

04 To make the bracelet, cut a length of chain the same

cir­cum­fer­ence as your wrist and a piece of silk thread 10cm (4") longer than the chain. Thread on ap­prox­i­mately 10 crimp beads to the cen­tre of the thread and crimp the end beads with pli­ers to se­cure.

Knot the thread se­curely to the last link of the chain, mak­ing sure the beads re­main cen­tral. Add a tiny dab of glue over the knot to keep it firmly in place.

Us­ing a 4mm ( ") jump ring, add the bolt ring to one end of the bracelet. To open the jump ring, take a pair of pli­ers and tightly clamp the jump ring with the open­ing fac­ing you. Take the sec­ond pair of pli­ers in your other hand, clamp the jump ring at the other side of the open­ing, then turn in op­po­site di­rec­tions. Thread on your bolt ring, then close.

Open the 7mm ( jump ring in the same way and thread on a clay disc, then close and fas­ten to the other end of the bracelet us­ing the other 4mm ( ") jump ring.

To dec­o­rate your gift box, ap­ply a light wash of wa­ter­colour paint. Be­ing care­ful not to sat­u­rate the pa­per, grad­u­ally build up the colour, leav­ing to dry be­tween coats. Once dry, ap­ply dabs of Mod Podge ran­domly across the box, add the gold leaf, then dust off with a clean brush.

Us­ing a paint brush, run wa­ter around the edge of the gift tag, then run your brush pen around the edge while still wet, so the colour bleeds into the wa­ter. Leave to dry.

Cut a length of cord long enough to wrap around the box three times and make a bow. Find the cen­tre of the cord and place the box on top, then bring the cord over to the front and thread the tag to one end of the cord. Wrap the cord around the box three times and se­cure with a dou­ble knot. Thread on a gold disc, then tie the cord into a bow to fin­ish.

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