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Cot­ton fab­ric, 1.5m (1½yrds) Cot­ton fab­ric for pip­ing, 1m (1yrd) Pip­ing cord, 4.5m (4½yrds), 0.5cm (¼") wide Match­ing sewing thread Zip, 53cm (207/ 8") long Square cush­ion pad, 53 x 53cm (207/ x 207/ 8"), 15cm 8 (6") deep Whether you’re hav­ing im­promptu drinks at yours, wel­com­ing un­ex­pected guests, or just en­ter­tain­ing friends and fam­ily, there’s al­ways a call for ex­tra seat­ing over the fes­tive sea­son. This comfy floor cush­ion is so handy to have stashed be­hind a sofa or in a cup­board un­der the stairs, and gives an in­for­mal cosy charm to any gath­er­ing.

We couldn’t re­sist try­ing out Ri­fle Pa­per Co’s new fab­ric range for Cot­ton and Steel (swoon), and used Tapestry in Rose for a folksy, whim­si­cal feel. It's beau­ti­fully fin­ished with navy blue pip­ing which you’ll make your­self, al­though you can buy ready-made pip­ing from most hab­er­dash­eries if you pre­fer. Use a 1.5cm ( 5 /8") seam al­lowance through­out the project un­less oth­er­wise spec­i­fied.

01 Cut two 56 x 56cm (221/ 8 x 221/ 8") top and bot­tom pieces, three 56 x 17cm (221/ x 6¾") side pieces 8 and two 56 x 10cm (221/ x 4") zip 8 pieces from your main fab­ric and put to one side.

02 With right sides (RS) to­gether, fold the cut side of your pip­ing fab­ric over to the selvedge edge to cre­ate a tri­an­gle shape. Cut along the fold, then cut 5cm (2") wide strips from each side of this cut, so along the bias. You’ll need the com­bined length of all your strips to come to 4.5m (4½yrds).

03 Sew to­gether half of your bias strips as shown, mak­ing sure the long edges line up and the bias of the fab­ric re­mains in the same di­rec­tion. Re­peat with the other half to make two long strips.

04 Cut a strip of pip­ing cord to the same length as a bias strip. Fold the strip around the pip­ing cord with wrong sides ( WS) to­gether and sew along the length. Re­peat with the sec­ond bias strip.

05 Pin one piece of pip­ing around all four sides of the top cush­ion piece, RS to­gether and align­ing the raw edges. Cut into the seam al­lowance at the corners to help it curve around, then sew, leav­ing the ends of the pip­ing cord un­sewn.

06 Over­lap the two ends of the pip­ing cord and cut so they butt up against each other with no over­lap. Trim the bias strip so the ends over­lap by ap­prox­i­mately 8cm (31/ 8"), then fold over the end of one piece to the WS by 2cm (¾"). Po­si­tion this over the top of the raw edge, then pin in place and sew.

07 Re­peat Steps 5-6 with the re­main­ing strip of pip­ing and the bot­tom cush­ion piece.

08 Cut two 35 x 10cm (13¾ x 4") pieces from your main fab­ric. Fold each piece in half along the length with WS to­gether and press. Open out, fold over all four edges on each piece to the WS by 1cm ( 3 /8"), press, then fold in half again. Top stitch around all four sides 0.5mm (¼") in from the edge – these will be your two han­dles.

09 With RS up, place a han­dle cen­trally onto one of the side pieces. Pin, leav­ing some slack in the han­dle so it’s easy to pick up, then se­cure by sewing a rec­tan­gle roughly 4 x 3cm (15/ 8 x 1¼ ") with a cross through the cen­tre (as shown) at ei­ther end. Re­peat the step with your re­main­ing han­dle and a sec­ond side piece.

10 Pin one side piece with a han­dle and one without RS to­gether. Sew along one short edge. Sew the other side piece with a han­dle onto the re­main­ing short edge of the piece without in the same way to make three sides of your cush­ion.

11 With RS to­gether, pin the edge of the zip along the length of a zip piece. Sew us­ing a zip­per foot.

12 Open the zip, then sew the other half of the zip to your re­main­ing zip piece in the same way.

13 Close the zip, then pin and sew the short ends of the zip piece to the short ends of your cush­ion side with RS to­gether to form a loop. Open the zip again.

14 Pin the side piece to the cush­ion top with RS to­gether, align­ing the raw edges and en­cas­ing the pip­ing as you go. Us­ing your zip­per foot, sew around all four sides, keep­ing close to the pip­ing. Re­peat with the bot­tom cush­ion piece.

15 Turn the cush­ion cover RS out through the zip open­ing and press. Put your cush­ion pad in­side, then close the zip to fin­ish.

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