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Cot­ton fabric, 115 x 325cm (453/ x 128") 8 (we used Tanya Whe­lan’s Lola fabric for FreeSpirit in Pais­ley, Blue) Match­ing sew­ing thread

This dress­ing gown was made for Sun­day morn­ings. And Satur­day morn­ings. In fact, pretty much any morn­ing when you don’t feel like get­ting show­ered and dressed straight away, but don’t want to look like you’ve just fallen out of bed. We’ve got our eye on it for Christ­mas Day for a re­laxed yet pre­sentable look, and it would make a lovely gift for a friend or fam­ily mem­ber.

H & Sammy have cho­sen a light­weight cot­ton fabric, but cot­ton waf­fle would work just as well for that lux­ury ho­tel feel, or opt for a fleecy fabric if you’re after a snug­gly fin­ish. Wash your fabric first in case it shrinks slightly, and use a seam al­lowance of 1.5cm ( 5 /8") through­out un­less stated.

Wash and iron your fabric be­fore start­ing, then fold in half along the length with wrong sides ( WS) to­gether. Pho­to­copy and cut out your pat­tern pieces us­ing the tem­plates on page 98, then pin them to the fabric as shown in the tem­plate di­a­gram. Cut out all pat­tern pieces from the fabric.

02 Sew around the curved edges on each piece, 0.5cm (¼") in from the edge, to pre­vent the edges of the fabric from stretch­ing.

03 With right sides (RS) to­gether, place the front pieces onto the back piece, align­ing the raw edges of the front and back sides. Pin and sew along both side seams.

04 Pin one sleeve front and one sleeve back RS to­gether, align­ing the raw edges as shown. Sew along the length of the curved shoul­der and un­der­arm seams.

05 Fold over the cuff of your sleeve to the WS by 0.5cm (¼"), press, then fold over again by 2.5cm (1"). Press and sew, then re­peat Steps 4–5 for the sec­ond sleeve.

06 Turn one sleeve right side out. Hold­ing the body to­wards you, pin the sleeve to the arm­hole edge all the way around the out­side, with RS to­gether and match­ing the mark­ings. Sew around the edge join­ing sleeve to body.

07 Re­peat Step 6 to sew the sec­ond sleeve onto the re­main­ing arm­hole of the gar­ment body.

08 Fold over the hem at the bot­tom of your gown to the WS by 0.5cm (¼"), press, then fold over again by 2.5cm (1"). Press and sew in place.

09 With RS fac­ing, sew the two neck band pieces to­gether along one short edge. Fold over the hem along one long edge of the sewn band to the WS by 1cm ( 3 /8"), then press in place.

10 Pin the raw long edge of the neck band to the raw edge of the gar­ment with RS to­gether, start­ing at the cen­tre back neck­line and work­ing your way to the bot­tom hem. There will be roughly 1cm ( 3 /8") over­hang­ing the bot­tom of the body at ei­ther side. Sew along the edge of the band.

11 Cut small notches along the seam al­lowance be­tween the gar­ment and the band where it curves to re­move any bulk, be­ing care­ful not to cut the seam. Press the seam to­wards the band.

12 Fold up the bot­tom over­hang of the band to align with the bot­tom of the gown, then fold the band over to the WS of the gown. Top stitch all the way around the edge of the band.

13 Fold over all four edges of the tie cas­ing to the WS by 0.5cm (¼") and pin it along the waist­line on the back of the gown. Sew in place along the two long edges.

14 With RS to­gether, pin and sew the two tie pieces along one short edge. Fold the tie in half along the length with RS to­gether, pin, then sew along the length, 0.5cm (¼") in from the raw edge.

15 Turn the tie through to the RS and press. Neatly slip stitch the short ends closed, then thread through the tie cas­ing at the back to fin­ish your dress­ing gown.

01 02 03 06 08 10

04 05 12 15

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