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T-shirt Jersey fab­ric (or a sim­i­lar weight fab­ric to your T-shirt), 25cm (97/ 8") Strong sewing thread Match­ing sewing thread The state­ment ruf­fle is all over the high street this sea­son, cas­cad­ing down the front of high necked blouses, adorn­ing dresses, and trans­form­ing plain jersey tees into our new fash­ion ob­ses­sion.

Fol­low Chris­tine’s straight­for­ward steps to cus­tomise an old top and get in on this easy-to-wear trend.

Mea­sure the length of the area you’ll be plac­ing the ruf­fle along us­ing a tape mea­sure. We’ve re­ferred to this as mea­sure­ment A.

Mul­ti­ply this by two to get the length of jersey fab­ric you’ll need to make the ruf­fle – we’ve re­ferred to it as mea­sure­ment B.

Cut a rec­tan­gle of fab­ric, 16cm (63/ ") x mea­sure­ment B. Fold the fab­ric in half along the length with right sides to­gether, then sew along both short ends.

Trim away the seam al­lowance, then turn the ruf­fle right side out and press, cre­at­ing a sharp edge along the folded line and ends.

Set your sewing ma­chine to the long­est stitch and, us­ing a strong thread, sew along the length of the ruf­fle, ap­prox­i­mately 0.5cm ( ") in from the raw edge. Make sure you leave roughly 20cm (77/ ") of ex­cess thread at the be­gin­ning and end.

Start­ing at one side of the ruf­fle, care­fully be­gin pulling one of the long threads to start ruf­fling the fab­ric up. Con­tinue gath­er­ing un­til your ruf­fle is the same length as mea­sure­ment A. If you’re us­ing a fab­ric other than jersey, you may need to sew two par­al­lel lines of stitches, then gather both rows to keep the ruf­fle in place.

Lay your T-shirt on a flat sur­face. Pin the ruf­fle in place, with the main body of the ruf­fle ly­ing up­wards to­wards the neck of the T-shirt.

Care­fully tack the ruf­fle in place. Try and tack 0.5cm ( ") closer to the neck­line than the line of gath­ered stitch, as this helps to stop the ruf­fle from bunch­ing up when you sew it on.

Us­ing match­ing thread, sew the ruf­fle to the T-shirt be­tween the tacked line and the gath­ered stitch. Re­move the pins and the tack­ing.

Ma­nip­u­late the T-shirt and ruf­fle fab­ric so you can cut away the ex­cess fab­ric on the raw edges of the ruf­fle. If pos­si­ble, try and cut away the gath­ered stitch, as less bulk at the back means the ruf­fle will lay flat­ter at the front.

Flap the ruf­fle back so it lies flat on the T-shirt and press. Care­fully trim the ruf­fle down to a width you are happy with – trimming away the fold of the fab­ric also makes the fin­ished ruf­fle fall nicely.

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