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Mollie Makes - - Contents - BY WOOL AND THE GANG

01 Cut eight 1m (393/ lengths of jersey yarn, a 1.5m (591/ length and a 50cm (19 ") length.

02 Fold one of the 1m (393/ lengths in half. Place the looped end be­hind the piece of dowel, then thread the two ends through the loop and pull tight to se­cure it. Re­peat with the other seven 1m (393/ lengths.

03 Fold the 1.5m (591/ length so one side mea­sures 50cm (19 ") and the other side 1m (393/ At­tach to your dowel on the left of the other strands as in Step 2, giv­ing you 20 strands in to­tal to work with.

04 Lay the left longer strand across your other 19 strands from left to right. Us­ing each of the 19 strands and fol­low­ing the guide on page 98, make a straight line of dou­ble half hitch knots di­rectly be­low the at­tach­ment knots.

05 Lay the longer strand back across your 19 strands, this time from right to left. Work a sec­ond line of dou­ble half hitch knots from right to left, 2.5cm (1") down from the pre­vi­ous line.

06 Re­peat Step 4 once more, mak­ing a line of dou­ble half hitch knots from left to right, di­rectly be­low the pre­vi­ous line.

07 Next, you’ll need to work a square knot se­quence from left to right over your 20 strands. Leav­ing the first strand to the side, take the next four strands and fol­low the guide on page 98 to make a square knot. Re­peat this three more times across the re­main­ing strands, leav­ing the last strand to one side.

08 Each of the four square knots has four strands com­ing from them – we’ll re­fer to these from left to right as A,B,C and D, as shown in the im­age above. Take strands C and D from your first square knot and strands A and B from the knot im­me­di­ately to the right and make an­other square knot. Re­peat twice more to make three knots along this line.

09 Re­peat Step 8, then take the longer strand and place it over the other strands from right to left as shown. Make a line of dou­ble half hitch knots, then take it from left to right and make an­other line of dou­ble half hitch knots di­rectly be­low that.

10 Trim your strands so they meet in a point at the bot­tom, then tie the re­main­ing 50cm (19 ") length to ei­ther end of the dowel for hang­ing.

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