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Air-dry clay Make-up sponge Fine sand­pa­per Porce­lain paint Fine-tipped paint brush Gloss var­nish

Wet your hands, then take a small piece of clay and roll it into a ball. If you want your fin­ished pots to be stack­able, re­peat the process, mak­ing each ball of clay larger than the last.

Press your thumbs into the cen­tre of a ball, then slowly work the clay out­wards to make a small bowl shape. Smooth the clay as you go, un­til the clay is an even thick­ness all around.

Cut off any ex­cess clay around the rim, then us­ing a damp make-up sponge or sim­i­lar, smooth out the sur­face of the pot, tak­ing care to cover any cracks or rough ar­eas.

Re­peat Steps 2-3 with the re­main­ing balls of clay, then leave to dry for 24- 48 hours un­til the clay is a lighter colour all over. Use a fine sand­pa­per to smooth the pots again.

Paint on dots, dashes or lines with the porce­lain paints to dec­o­rate – the sim­pler the de­sign, the bet­ter – then leave to dry. Al­ter­na­tively, you could use acrylic paint mixed with a small amount of gloss paint – this will give you a sim­i­lar fin­ish.

Once dry, coat each pot with a thin layer of var­nish, then leave to dry again. If nec­es­sary, add a sec­ond coat, then leave to dry thor­oughly be­fore us­ing. Francesca Stone’s blog, Fall For DIY, is a place for her to ex­plore her hands-on side and her life­long love of mak­ing. Shar­ing ideas and skills is Francesca’s pas­sion, and on the rare oc­ca­sion she’s not get­ting stuck into a new project, you’ll find her en­joy­ing a taco or two. www.fall­

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