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We can’t think of a sweeter gift for a lit­tle one than these teeny tiny moc­casins – the ul­ti­mate way to start a life­time’s ob­ses­sion with shoes. These keep­sake makes are sturdy enough to with­stand a se­ri­ous amount of tod­dling, and their soft, slip­per-like feel will keep toes cosy while they’re at it.

Easy to per­son­alise, they’re also a thought­ful gift for friends ex­pect­ing a new ar­rival. Choose from three sizes: 3-6 months, 6-9 months or 9-12 months.

Alice only uses eth­i­cal leather for her shoes, so rec­om­mends you re­pur­pose an old leather item, or opt for faux leather in­stead. If you’re mak­ing these to sell at a craft fair or for char­ity, please credit Alice’s brand, Amy & Ivor, for the de­sign – you can find full de­tails of our Make to Sell pol­icy on page 6.

Pho­to­copy and cut out the tem­plates in your cho­sen size from page 97. Us­ing the cut­ting mat and craft knife, cut out all pat­tern pieces, cut­ting the sole from the beige leather and the re­main­der from the mint leather. If you don’t have a craft knife, draw around the tem­plates with a pen­cil and use a pair of scis­sors to cut out in­stead.

With the tem­plates still on top of the pat­tern pieces, use the awl to in­dent the marked holes into the leather. Punch the holes into the leather where marked on the tem­plate, us­ing a 2mm ( /8") punch for the smaller holes and a 4mm ( ") punch for the larger holes.

Cut in the tas­sels on the tas­sel piece along the marked lines us­ing a craft knife or scis­sors, then cut the ends of the gold leather laces at an an­gle for ease of thread­ing.

Take one sole, one front piece and one back piece, then lay the pieces out right side (RS) up so the A and B marks on the left-hand side of the sole, right-hand side of the back and right-hand side of the front are all aligned. Thread your nee­dle, ty­ing a knot at the base, then start stitch­ing at the hole be­tween the A and B marks. Stitch from the wrong side ( WS) out to the RS on all lay­ers through the hole near­est the edge, first through the front piece, then the back piece, and lastly through the sole.

Stitch back through the top hole po­si­tioned one hole to the right – just through the up­per part of the shoe, not the sole. Then, work back through all three lay­ers, di­rectly be­low the hole you just came out of. Pulling your stitches tightly as you go, con­tinue around

the front of the shoe, cre­at­ing a neat row of stitches on the RS which slant to­wards the right. On the WS, your stitches will ap­pear smaller and will be ver­ti­cal.

When you reach the other side of the shoe, stitch through all three lay­ers again, mak­ing sure the A and B holes line up on each piece. Con­tinue stitch­ing in the same way around the heel, keep­ing the stitches tight and even, un­til you get to where you started.

Stitch back around the shoe again, this time work­ing your stitches in the op­po­site di­rec­tion. This will cre­ate a cross stitch ef­fect on the RS, and should go over the ver­ti­cal stitches again on the WS. Make sure the gath­er­ing ef­fect on the sole is even as you go, then ad­just the stitches so the seam and sole look even when fin­ished.

Fold the tas­sel piece along the marked line, then match up the larger holes in the back piece with the same large holes on the tas­sel piece. Start thread­ing your lace at one end, work­ing from the out­side of the tas­sel piece and the out­side of the back piece. Push the lace in through the hole near­est the fring­ing on the tas­sel piece, through the cor­re­spond­ing hole in the back piece, then back through the top hole on the tas­sel piece to fold it over the top of the back piece, cre­at­ing a neat cuff.

Re­peat Step 8 on the next hole, this time work­ing from the in­side of the shoe to the out­side, us­ing the lace to cre­ate a sim­ple over­sized run­ning stitch. Con­tinue around the top of the shoe, work­ing from the out­side to the in­side and back again, then pull the lace so it’s an even length on both sides.

Re­peat Steps 4-9 for the sec­ond shoe, then tie the laces to fin­ish.

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