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For the flow­ers Pink, coral, green and yel­low crepe pa­per Green flo­ral wire, 22-gauge Glue gun Water­colour paint Paint brush For the vase Craft con­crete Large plas­tic bot­tle Small plas­tic bot­tle Craft knife Petroleum jelly For­get wait­ing for peony sea­son – start early this year with Lana’s vi­brant over­sized pa­per flow­ers. Con­trast­ing life­like pa­per pe­onies against a sim­ple con­crete vase, Lana’s given the trend for all things in­dus­trial a softer edge that feels both fem­i­nine and contempora­ry at the same time.

Easy to make, and purse-friendly too, there are so many ways you can adapt this project. Add a drop of food colour­ing to the con­crete mix be­fore pour­ing to colour the vase, place small leaf shapes around the base of the flower, or add a few tones of paint to the petals for a re­al­is­tic fin­ish. Mak­ing the flow­ers

Pho­to­copy and cut out the tem­plates on page 98, then cut eight of each small petal and six large petals from the pink crepe pa­per. Cut one sta­men from the yel­low pa­per, cut­ting down the thin­ner lines to cre­ate a fringe.

Us­ing a clean wet brush, dampen the petal, then paint a few drops of colour at the pointed end – we used a shade slightly darker than the crepe pa­per.

Re­peat Step 2 with the re­main­ing petals, then leave to dry – don’t move them while they’re still wet, as the pa­per may tear.

Take one of the smaller petals and hold it be­tween your thumb and in­dex fin­ger. Gen­tly place both your thumbs in the cen­tre of the petal, then pull it slightly, stretch­ing out the cen­tre and in­dent­ing it to cre­ate a cup shape. Re­peat with all the re­main­ing petals.

Heat up your glue gun, then add a drop of glue to the bot­tom un­cut cor­ner of the sta­men piece. Stick it onto one end of the flo­ral wire, then tightly wrap the length of pa­per around the wire as shown. Se­cure the end in place with an­other drop of glue.

Add a drop of glue to the bot­tom point of one of the small petals, then press to the bot­tom of the sta­men to se­cure. The petal should wrap slightly around the wire and stay up­right.

Re­peat Step 6, ro­tat­ing the wire a small amount each time so the petals are evenly placed around the out­side, slightly over­lap­ping and lay­ered on top of each other. Once all the small petals have been added, re­peat to add the larger petals around the out­side.

To cover the stem, cut a long strip from the green crepe pa­per. Add a dot of glue to the end of the pa­per and at­tach it to the bot­tom of the wire. Wrap the pa­per along the length of wire, adding dots of glue as you go, un­til you reach the base of the flower. Se­cure the end in place with an­other dot of glue.

Re­peat Steps 1-8 to make a selection of flow­ers from both the pink and coral crepe pa­per. Mak­ing a vase

Clean the plas­tic bot­tles, re­mov­ing the la­bels, then cut the tops from both us­ing a craft knife or scis­sors. The smaller bot­tle will need to fit in­side the big­ger bot­tle, with enough space around the out­side for the con­crete, as these will form your mould.

Mix the con­crete with wa­ter as per the man­u­fac­turer’s instructio­ns, then grease the in­side of the larger bot­tle and the out­side of the smaller bot­tle with petroleum jelly.

Fill the large bot­tle half­way with the con­crete mix­ture, then shake it, or knock it against a sur­face to re­move any air bub­bles. Slowly push the small bot­tle in­side the large bot­tle, tak­ing care to keep it cen­tral, and stop­ping be­fore you reach the bot­tom.

Shake or tap the bot­tle again to re­move any air bub­bles and to even out the top of the mix­ture. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

Once the con­crete has set, care­fully cut away the plas­tic, tak­ing care not to mark the con­crete. Re­move the small plas­tic bot­tle by pulling it out, or leave it in and cut away any plas­tic show­ing.

Ar­range your crepe pa­per flow­ers in­side to fin­ish, trim­ming the stems shorter if nec­es­sary.

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