Ter­rar­ium jars

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Glass jars with screw-top lids

Fine gravel

Ground char­coal

Small spoon Pot­ting mix (with added sand)

Paint brush

Small shells, peb­bles, stones and sand for dec­o­ra­tion

Wa­ter spray bot­tle

Tiger tooth aloe (aloe ju­venna)

Banana cac­tus (se­dum rubrot­inc­tum)

Nerve plant (fit­to­nia al­biven­sis)

01 Put a cou­ple of hand­fuls of fine gravel in the bot­tom of a jar, pour­ing it in grad­u­ally. If the lids of your jars are air-tight, add a thin layer of ground char­coal to help re­duce any odours.

02 Use the spoon to add a layer of pot­ting mix to the bot­tom of the jar, cov­er­ing the gravel. Make sure to hold the jar up­right so the gravel stays in a flat layer.

03 Take the first plant from its pot and re­move some of the com­post from around the roots, tak­ing care not to dam­age them.

04 Push the plant into the jar, roots first, and set­tle it onto the pot­ting mix, hold­ing it in place with your fin­gers or the spoon.

05 Add pot­ting mix around the base of the plant, cov­er­ing the roots – try not to add too much, or it will cre­ate a large, dark stripe in your ter­rar­ium. Push down the pot­ting mix with the back of the spoon so the plant is se­cured firmly in place.

06 Spoon more gravel or dec­o­ra­tive sand onto the layer of pot­ting mix, press­ing it down to re­move any air pock­ets and cre­ate an even layer.

07 Gen­tly brush any gravel or sand from the plant and the in­side of the jar with the paint brush, then plant the re­main­ing glass jars in the same way.

08 Add a few dec­o­ra­tive shells, peb­bles or small stones to the gravel or sand sur­face, then use the spray bot­tle to wa­ter the glass ter­rar­i­ums spar­ingly, mak­ing sure the pot­ting mix doesn’t get too wet.

09 Screw on the lid to fin­ish. If the jars are air-tight, re­move the lids oc­ca­sion­ally to air the plants. This project ap­pears in Tiny Table­top Gar­dens by Emma Hardy, pub­lished by CICO Books (£14.99). To pur­chase a copy at the spe­cial price of £10.99 in­clud­ing free UK P&P, call 01256 302699 quot­ing KF6. For more in­for­ma­tion, please visit www.ma­keetc.com.

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