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Old wool sweater, blan­ket or tex­tured toy fab­ric

Elas­ti­cated fab­ric

Can­vas belt

Soft toy stuff­ing

White sewing thread

Sewing nee­dle

Black em­broi­dery thread

Ta­pes­try nee­dle

En­cour­ag­ing kids’ cre­ativ­ity is an im­por­tant part of play­time, and we can see this sweet pup­pet spark­ing a whole world of sto­ries. Lay out a tea set for a teddy bear’s pic­nic, take him on ad­ven­tures with other toys – he’ll keep lit­tle ones en­ter­tained for hours.

As Camille hand-makes her toys and dolls from re-used nat­u­ral fi­bres, all the el­e­ments for this easy sew can be found around the home. Cut up an old woollen jumper or blan­ket and a can­vas belt from a char­ity shop for a make that’s eco-friendly and adorable.

01 Us­ing the tem­plates on page 98, cut two body pieces and four ear pieces from the wool fab­ric.

02 Pin two ear pieces with right sides (RS) to­gether, then sew around the curved edge. Turn through to the RS, then re­peat with the re­main­ing two ear pieces.

03 Pinch an ear along the length to cre­ate a crease down the cen­tre. Sew across the bot­tom of the ear to se­cure the crease in place, then re­peat with the se­cond ear.

04 Pin the ears to the RS of a body piece, spaced evenly along the top of the head and with the top of the ears fac­ing in to­wards the body as shown. Pin the re­main­ing body piece on top with RS to­gether and sew around the out­side, leav­ing the bot­tom edge open. Turn RS out.

05 Turn the pup­pet RS out. Us­ing white sewing thread and gath­er­ing stitches, sew a small cir­cle in the mid­dle of the pup­pet’s face, through the front body piece only.

Pull the thread ends tight and se­cure with a knot to cre­ate a nose.

06 Cut a 12cm (4 ") length from the can­vas belt and sew to­gether the two short ends, mak­ing a loop wide enough for two fin­gers.

07 Cut a 10 x 12cm (4 x 4 ") piece from the elas­ti­cated fab­ric, then fold it in half along the width with RS to­gether. Sew along one short edge and one long edge, leav­ing one short edge open.

08 Wrap a small amount of stuff­ing around the can­vas loop, then push the sewn short end of the elas­ti­cated fab­ric up through the cen­tre of the loop. Turn the fab­ric RS out, up and over the loop, then fold it back down over the top of the loop to en­close it.

09 Stuff the head firmly, then push the loop un­der­neath the stuff­ing to cre­ate the pup­pet’s neck.

10 Us­ing black em­broi­dery thread and the im­age as a guide, sew the eyes, nose and mouth to fin­ish.

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