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Four lengths of balsa wood, 30 x 2.5 x 0.5cm (117/ x 1 x ") Strong wood glue Two screw hooks Se­lec­tion of green tis­sue papers Faux suede cord Pas­tels White acrylic paint PVA glue Paint brush A3 car­tridge pa­per Im­press pals with your free­hand art stylings and con­tem­po­rary fram­ing skills, in­spired by Teri’s col­lage-style de­sign.

Show­ing off prints in a fresh, mod­ern way, these wooden poster strips are cur­rently stocked in all our favourite life­style stores. And, the de­sign it­self ticks off one of this year’s hottest in­te­rior colour trends, Green­ery. Think of it as a way to fill your house with plants, with­out hav­ing to ac­tu­ally keep them alive.

Get cre­ative, adding your own colour­ways, plant shapes and dec­o­ra­tive touches. Then, once you’re done, use the sim­ple fram­ing tech­nique to fin­ish other hang­ings around your home.

Mark 7cm (2 ") in from ei­ther end along one nar­row edge of a length of balsa wood. Screw a hook into both marked points un­til just the hook is left show­ing.

Pho­to­copy the tem­plate on page 98 and lightly trace the out­lines onto the sheet of pa­per us­ing a pen­cil. Or, if you feel con­fi­dent enough, draw the de­sign free­hand onto the pa­per, us­ing the tem­plate as a guide.

Start by go­ing over the plant pots, stand, hang­ing bas­ket and bell jar us­ing the pas­tels, colour­ing in the larger pots and the bas­ket.

Cut out the dif­fer­ent leaf shapes from the var­i­ous coloured tis­sue papers us­ing the tem­plate. We used a range of darker and lighter tones to add in­ter­est to the piece.

Us­ing a paint­brush and a small amount of PVA glue, coat one side of each tis­sue pa­per shape, then stick them in place one by one. You can also layer tis­sue pa­per colours.

To add finer de­tails, such as the veins on the leaves and the cacti spikes, use a clean paint brush and white paint. You can also do the same with the pas­tels on the lighter-coloured tis­sue papers.

Once you’re happy with your art­work, squeeze wood glue along the wide flat edge of the balsa wood piece with the hooks, po­si­tion­ing it with the hooks fac­ing up. Lay the pa­per on top, roughly half­way down and cen­trally along the length. Glue an­other balsa wood piece in the same way, then place on top with glued sides to­gether, align­ing the edges.

Add two more strips of balsa wood to the bot­tom of the pa­per as per Step 7, then leave to dry.

Tie ei­ther end of the length of cord to the hooks, then use the cord loop to hang it on the wall.

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Teri Muncey Teri loves colour, type, craft­ing and hand-drawn il­lus­tra­tions. When she’s not cre­at­ing prints and sta­tionery to sell, she’s busy mak­ing gifts for friends or craft­ing projects for her in­te­ri­ors and DIY blog.­elove­ly­

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