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Q Card­board, 10 x 20cm (4 x 77/ 8") Q Washi tape Q Pink em­broi­dery thread Q Pale pink and coral yarn Q Ta­pes­try nee­dle Q Sil­ver faux leather, 3mm ( 1 /8") wide Q Gold beads Q Gold neck­lace chain Q Gold bead­ing wire Q Small pli­ers Fans of weav­ing, state­ment jew­ellery, and all things sparkly, re­joice! This tac­tile treat for the eyes – and your ensem­ble – com­bines all these lovely things in one beau­ti­ful, boho-style neck­lace.

Team it with a crisp white smock top for that floaty, ethereal feel, and you’ll be festival-ready in no time. Or, just drinks-out­side-in-the-sun ready – ei­ther sounds good to us.

Never tried weav­ing be­fore? You’ll pick up the ba­sics in no time with this small-scale project. And, once you have, try ex­per­i­ment­ing with yarn weights, tex­tures and colours to achieve dif­fer­ent looks.

Mark out 5cm (2") across the cen­tre of both short edges of the card­board. Within the 5cm (2"), mark nine more lines, 0.5cm ( ") apart, on each short edge, then cut a small slit down from each mark.

Se­cure the end of the em­broi­dery thread in the notch fur­thest to the right with a piece of tape. This will be the back of your loom. Turn the loom right side (RS) up, then warp the loom by draw­ing the thread up and down, loop­ing it around the notches at the top and bot­tom and keep­ing the thread taut. Use an­other piece of tape to se­cure the end at the back.

To start your weft (the hor­i­zon­tal strings you weave in and out of the warp threads), take your ta­pes­try nee­dle un­der the first four or five warps, then work your way to the outer warp us­ing tabby weav­ing. This is where you weave over, then un­der, al­ter­nate warps, then back across the loom in the same way, this time weav­ing un­der the warps it went over, and over the warps it went un­der. We started our neck­lace near the top of the loom, work­ing four rows of tabby weav­ing in pale pink yarn, and start­ing and fin­ish­ing with a long tail that can be wo­ven in at the end.

You can ei­ther choose to follow the pat­tern we used, or cre­ate your own de­sign, switch­ing the colours and ma­te­ri­als as of­ten as you like through­out the de­sign. Af­ter the pale pink yarn, we switched to three rows of tabby weav­ing with the faux leather, then al­ter­nated rows of coral yarn and the em­broi­dery thread threaded with beads.

Keep weav­ing, com­bin­ing dif­fer­ent colours and tex­tures, un­til you’re happy with the length of the weave. We added a few more rows

of pink thread, then switched to pink yarn, and fi­nally added a few rows of faux leather, work­ing un­til the weave mea­sured 5cm (2").

To cre­ate the tas­sels at the bot­tom of the neck­lace, work a row of rya knots across the bot­tom. For each rya knot, cut a 16cm (63/ length of pink yarn and the same of pink thread, then fold the lengths in half. Bring the looped end up in be­tween the first two warps (on the far left), then take the cut ends around the warps, bring­ing them for­ward to the front and back down through the loop. Pull to tighten, then push the knot up to the base of your weav­ing. Tighten again to se­cure, then re­peat across the re­main­ing pairs of warps.

Thread a few beads onto some of the em­broi­dery threads within tas­sels, then knot them at the base to se­cure the beads.

Lift­ing the tas­sels out of the way, weave a few more rows un­der­neath to help keep them in place. Cut a 15cm (6") length of wire, then weave this in at the top of the neck­lace.

Cut the warp strings at the top and bot­tom of the loom, then knot the cut thread ends as close as pos­si­ble to the weave.

Turn the neck­lace over to the wrong side (WS). Knot the loose ends that are clos­est to each other and trim off any ex­cess thread, then use your ta­pes­try nee­dle to weave in any re­main­ing loose ends.

Cut a 70cm (275/ length of jew­ellery chain. Cut back the ends of the wire at the top of the neck­lace, then use the pli­ers to bend them back on them­selves, form­ing a small loop on ei­ther side. Slip one end of the chain into one loop, use the pli­ers to close the loop, then re­peat on the other side.

Lu­cie Pa­nis-Jones Lu­cie is cur­rently study­ing tex­tile and sur­face de­sign in Brus­sels, and spends her spare time cu­rat­ing her Etsy shop. Each piece is hand­wo­ven, and although Lu­cie mainly stocks ta­pes­tries and neck­laces, she’s also work­ing on wo­ven...

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