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We love Lana Red’s idea of us­ing flo­ral but­tons and hand stitch­ing to turn a plain cover-up into a thing of beauty. The same technique can be ap­plied to skirts, pock­ets, summer jack­ets, dresses – any­thing you fancy re­ally.

01 Re­move the ex­ist­ing but­tons from your cho­sen cardi­gan us­ing a seam rip­per and scis­sors.

02 Sew the flo­ral but­tons in the place of the old ones us­ing co­or­di­nat­ing em­broi­dery thread, al­ter­nat­ing the colours of the but­tons as you go. If the but­tons are larger than those you have just re­moved, care­fully use your seam rip­per to slightly en­large each of the but­ton holes be­fore sewing on the new but­tons.

03 Thread your ta­pes­try nee­dle with con­trast­ing em­broi­dery thread (we used white) and tie a knot in the end. Start­ing at the bot­tom of the cardi­gan, sew a widely-spaced run­ning stitch, work­ing your way up the lapel and then around the neck­line of the cardi­gan, as shown.

04 Once the stitch­ing is com­plete, se­cure the end of the thread neatly on the inside of the cardi­gan and trim the loose ends. Your new cardi is now ready to gift or wear.

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