Up­date a plain shirt into this sea­son’s hottest wardrobe es­sen­tial

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Men’s shirt

Elas­tic, 1.5m (591/ 8"), 2cm (3/4 ") wide

Safety pin

Match­ing sewing thread

Tailor’s chalk

Trans­form a plain men’s shirt into one of this sea­son’s must-wear items. With a Bar­dot neck­line and dropped flute sleeves, Rosie’s blouse is a dream combo of wardrobe sta­ple and state­ment piece, all in one easy up­date. Team with an over­sized floppy hat for max­i­mum sum­mer vibes.

For a com­fort­able fit, play around when mea­sur­ing the elas­tic – you want it to hold the top up, but not feel too tight.

01 With the shirt right side (RS) up, use the chalk to mark a straight line across the top, at least 6cm (2 ") above the top of the pocket. Cut across this line, through the sleeves and body of the shirt. Cut off the sleeves at el­bow length.

02 Fold the top of the shirt to the wrong side ( WS) by 1cm ( ") and press in place. Fold over again by 2.5cm (1") and press. Sew along the bot­tom fold line to cre­ate a chan­nel, leav­ing a 5cm (2") gap at the cen­tre back of the shirt.

03 Mea­sure the elas­tic around your shoul­ders and chest at the point where the top will sit. Add 5cm (2") to the mea­sure­ment and cut the elas­tic to this length. At­tach a safety pin to one end of the elas­tic and thread it through the gap at one end of the chan­nel, and back out through the other gap. Over­lap the ends of the elas­tic by 2.5cm (1") and sew sev­eral times to cre­ate a strong join. Sew the gap closed.

04 Cut off the bot­tom of the shirt in a straight line, 10cm (4") up from the hem. Cut this strip in half at the cen­tre back, then po­si­tion each piece with RS to­gether, match­ing the short raw edges. Sew the short raw edges to cre­ate two tubes – these will be the sleeve pieces.

05 Use a long straight stitch to sew around the raw edge of each sleeve piece, 1cm ( 3 /8") in from the edge. Leave long tails of thread at ei­ther end, then gen­tly pull on them to gather the fab­ric, dis­tribut­ing the gath­ers evenly as you go.

06 Po­si­tion your sleeve pieces around the sleeves of the shirt with RS to­gether, match­ing the raw edges. Make sure the un­der­arm seams are also aligned. Pin in place, ad­just­ing the gath­ers as you go so the sleeves fit per­fectly. Sew, then press the seams to­wards the shoul­ders.

07 Turn the bot­tom of the shirt to the WS by 1cm ( 3 /8"), press, then turn back again by 1cm ( 3 /8"). Press and pin in place, then sew to hem.

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