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MA­TE­RI­ALS ■ Blos­som flower wooden shapes ■ Wooden leaves ■ Pack of wooden cir­cles and dots ■ A wooden mo­bile ring ■ Ver­sam­agic ink pads (colours used: tea leaves, pink grape­fruit, cloud white) ■ PVA glue ■ Jute twine (colour: olive) ■ Satin rib­bon (colour: pis­ta­chio) ■ A pair of scis­sors ■ A ruler

You can find ev­ery­thing you need from www.art­cuts.co.uk

This pretty flo­ral blos­som mo­bile is easy to make and will hap­pily take pride of place in your home. As you’re ink­ing the wooden shapes, just be care­ful not to press too hard when ap­ply­ing the ink to the wood, be­cause a new inkpad is very squidgy! In­stead, use a light swip­ing ac­tion to build up the colour. You can use the inks on pa­per, too, so you can try it out and per­fect the tech­nique be­fore you be­gin the real thing.

To be­gin, colour the flow­ers by swip­ing the pink grape­fruit ink pad across the sur­face of one side of the wood. In the same way, colour the leaves with the tea leaves ink. Leave to dry for about 10-15 min­utes, then re­peat the process on the re­verse side of the wood.

Add di­men­sion to the flow­ers by edg­ing them with the cloud white ink pad. Del­i­cately swipe this over and around the edges of the blos­som shape on both sides.

Colour the dots us­ing the cloud white ink pad on one side only. You will need seven dots for each side of the flower. Af­ter th­ese have dried, use PVA glue to at­tach the dots to the cen­tre of the flow­ers, work­ing from the mid­dle out­wards.

Next, us­ing the tea leaves ink pad, colour your wooden mo­bile ring on both sides.

En­sure all the ink is dry on all the in­di­vid­ual shapes be­fore you be­gin to as­sem­ble your mo­bile with the jute twine. Mea­sure and cut 25cm lengths of the olive twine for your flower and leaf shapes. At­tach the twine to each shape and se­cure with a dou­ble knot.

For the fun part, space and tie your three flow­ers at dif­fer­ent heights through the holes in the wooden ring.

At­tach your hanging leaves in­be­tween the flow­ers. Play around with spac­ing and heights to achieve your de­sired look for the mo­bile.

To hang your mo­bile, mea­sure three equal lengths of satin rib­bon, ap­prox­i­mately 25cm each. Loop each length through a hole in the mo­bile at three equal dis­tances. Fi­nally, gather the rib­bons to­gether evenly and tie a knot for hanging. A cup hook or sim­i­lar is ideal to hang from above.

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