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Wool felt in Nat­u­ral, Peach, Blos­som, Mocha, Fawn, Blush, Pale mint, Moss and Pis­ta­chio, 1mm ( 1 /8") thick (we got ours from www. pa­ Ri­ley Blake De­signs Ava Rose Flower cot­ton fab­ric in Cream Match­ing sewing threads Two black brads, 0.5cm ( ") One white plas­tic pearl bead, 3mm ( 3 /8") Three white plas­tic pearl beads, 4mm ( ") Four mus­tard yel­low seed beads Em­broi­dery thread in black, pink, red and mus­tard yel­low Pale pink satin rib­bon, 4mm ( ") wide Pink pow­der blush Cot­ton bud Soft toy stuff­ing Erasable fab­ric marker Pink­ing shears We may have reached peak cute­ness with this project – what could be more adorable than cat and mouse BFFs Kitty and Percy shar­ing a straw­berry pic­nic? And what makes them al­most too pure for this world is the off-the-scale level of de­tail in­volved – blush­ing cheeks, bows and tiny pearls.

Use three strands of match­ing em­broi­dery thread for sewing through­out, un­less stated oth­er­wise, and turn to page 98 for our em­broi­dery stitch guides. Us­ing the tem­plates on page 98, cut two head pieces and one cape piece in peach felt, and one face piece, two leg pieces, two foot pieces and four arm pieces in fawn felt. In pale mint felt, cut two boot pieces, two mouse pieces, four ear pieces, two sole pieces and four paw pieces. Cut two cat ear pieces and one mouse tummy piece in nat­u­ral felt. From blush felt, cut two straw­berry pieces and two in­side ear pieces. Fi­nally, cut one hair piece in the mocha felt.

Place the hole tem­plate onto one head piece and trace the out­line us­ing erasable pen. Cut out the hole along the mark­ings. Pin the hair piece onto the face piece

and sew along the fringe us­ing back­stitch and match­ing thread.

Pin the face piece un­der the head piece so it looks cen­tred through the hole, and sew to­gether around the edge of the hole with back­stitch and match­ing thread. Sew the cat ear pieces in place with whip­stitch. Us­ing erasable pen and the im­age as a guide, draw on the mouth, cheeks and eyes. Sew over the lines us­ing back­stitch and red em­broi­dery thread for the mouth, satin stitch and black em­broi­dery thread for the eyes, and satin stitch and pink em­broi­dery thread for the cheeks.

Us­ing match­ing thread, blan­ket stitch the head pieces to­gether, start­ing at the neck open­ing, and fill with stuff­ing. From the pis­ta­chio and moss felt, cut four small leaves and at­tach them to the head with a few stitches. Cut out four 1cm ( 3 /8") cir­cles from nat­u­ral felt and two big­ger cir­cles from blush and blos­som felt for the flow­ers, leav­ing ir­reg­u­lar edges to give a more nat­u­ral look. At­tach the flow­ers to the head with a cou­ple of stitches and add a mus­tard yel­low seed bead on top of each one.

Sew two arm pieces to­gether us­ing blan­ket stitch and match­ing thread, leav­ing a small open­ing for stuff­ing. Stuff, sew the gap closed, then re­peat. Fold one leg as pic­tured and stitch along the longer edge with blan­ket stitch, leav­ing the top open. Sew the foot in place and stuff. Wrap the boot around the foot and sew the ends to­gether with blan­ket stitch and match­ing thread. Add the sole, then re­peat for the sec­ond leg.

Trace the out­line of the dress tem­plate onto the WS of the cot­ton fab­ric, then cut it out us­ing pink­ing shears, leav­ing a 0.5cm ( ") seam al­lowance. Use this piece as a tem­plate to cut out a sec­ond

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