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Cream fab­ric, 44 x 26cm (173/ x 10¼") 8 Yarn in pink, mus­tard, light green, dark green and white Felt in pink, green, grey and mus­tard Coral fab­ric tape, 20cm (77/ 8") Rope, 155cm (611/ 8") Pom pom maker, 5cm (2") di­am­e­ter Glue gun Sewing nee­dle Match­ing sewing thread Florist’s wire Dowel, 19cm (7½") Card, 7 x 10cm (2¾ x 4") For­get flo­ral wreaths – this sea­son we’re all about the ban­ners. Lucy’s fab­ric, felt and yarn ex­trav­a­ganza will add in­stant tex­ture and in­ter­est to any wall in your home, plus it’s an easy way to spread those spring feels.

We love how sim­ple the de­sign is to adapt, too. Opt for a sub­tle pal­ette in muted colours like our ver­sion, go for pas­tel brights to re­ally zing up a plain space, or even en­large the ban­ner tem­plate to make your­self a su­per-size ver­sion.

Fold the fab­ric in half along the length with right sides (RS) to­gether. Us­ing the tem­plate on page 97, pin the ban­ner shape to the fab­ric and cut around it. Pin to­gether the two ban­ner pieces, keep­ing them RS to­gether.

02 Cut the length of fab­ric tape in half, then fold each piece in half again, align­ing the raw edges. Pin them in be­tween the two ban­ner pieces along the top short edge, 2cm (¾") in from ei­ther long edge, with the raw edges of the tape over­hang­ing at the top slightly.

03 Sew around the ban­ner us­ing a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance, leav­ing a 5cm (2") gap for turn­ing. Turn RS out, sew the gap closed, then thread the length of dowel through both of the fab­ric tape tabs.

04 To make a tas­sel, wrap pink yarn around the width of the card

sev­eral times to cre­ate a small bun­dle, as shown. Cut a length of yarn and loop it un­der one end of the bun­dle, then tie to se­cure. Cut the yarn bun­dle at the op­po­site end and re­move the piece of card, then tie an­other length of yarn around the top of the tas­sel, roughly 2cm (¾") down, to fin­ish.

05 Re­peat Step 4 to make nine tas­sels in to­tal, then sew a tas­sel onto the bot­tom point of the ban­ner, and both bot­tom cor­ners. Sew on the re­main­ing tas­sels evenly in be­tween.

06 To make a pom pom, wrap yarn around one half of a pom pom maker un­til full, then re­peat on the other half. Close the two halves shut. Cut around the out­side of the pom pom maker, be­tween the two grooves, then tie a length of yarn around the cen­tre. Dou­ble knot to se­cure, then open the pom pom maker and re­move the pom pom. Trim to neaten, then re­peat to make a se­lec­tion of pom poms – we made two in white yarn, three in pink yarn, three in mus­tard yarn, two in dark green yarn, three in light green yarn and one in grey yarn. Put to one side.

07 Cut three 35cm (13¾") lengths of rope, then tape the ends to a table or flat sur­face, as shown. Plait to­gether, then tie off ei­ther end with sewing thread and trim to neaten. Put to one side.

Us­ing the tem­plate on page 97, cut six small leaf shapes from the green felt. Cut a 10cm (4") length of florist’s wire and, us­ing the glue gun, glue the leaves to the top of wire, re­fer­ring to the im­age as a guide. Re­peat an­other three times to make four sprigs of leaves.

09 To make a felt flower, cut a 12 x 5cm (4¾ x 2") piece of felt. Fold in half along the length, then glue the long edges to­gether us­ing the glue gun. Start­ing at one short edge, use scis­sors to snip into the folded edge, fin­ish­ing the cuts 1cm ( 3 /8") from the glued edge. Work along the length of the felt, spac­ing the cuts roughly 0.5cm (¼") apart, to cre­ate a row of fring­ing. Roll the

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