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50cm (19 ") plain cot­ton fab­ric (we used Kona Cot­ton Solids in In­digo) 50cm (19 ") pat­terned cot­ton fab­ric (we used Dash­wood Stu­dios Nor­rland Sprigs in Blue Metal­lic) 50cm (19 ") wad­ding Zip, 40cm (15 ") Match­ing sewing thread White sewing thread Gold sewing thread Tai­lor’s chalk Bump up your bag­gage sta­tus to first class with this Ja­pane­sein­spired sew. Com­bin­ing the inki­est in­digo fab­ric with a del­i­cate gold-flecked print, its min­i­mal aes­thetic and roomy pro­por­tions give it a grown-up feel we love. And, while its box cor­ners and con­trast­ing top stitch look im­pres­sive, they’re eas­ier to mas­ter than you might think.

Pick your fab­rics and sew it in just an evening, then book a week­end break with pals to show it off.

01 Place the pat­terned fab­ric right side (RS) down and mark out two 30 x 40cm (117/ x 15¾") pieces. 8 Add a 1.5cm ( 5 /8") seam al­lowance to both of the pieces and cut out, then cut a piece of wad­ding to the same size, us­ing the fab­ric as a tem­plate. Place the wad­ding be­tween the two pieces of fab­ric with wrong sides ( WS) fac­ing, then put to one side.

02 Place the plain fab­ric RS down and mark out four 14.5 x 40cm (5¾ x 15¾") pieces. Add a 1.5cm ( 5 /8") seam al­lowance to each piece and cut out, then cut two pieces of wad­ding to the same size, us­ing the fab­ric as a tem­plate.

03 Place one plain fab­ric piece RS up and po­si­tion the zip along one long edge, RS up and align­ing the edges. Place an­other plain fab­ric piece on top with RS down, align­ing the edges. Add a piece of wad­ding on top in the same way, then pin along the edge of the zip. Us­ing a zip­per sewing ma­chine foot, sew along the pinned edge, ap­prox­i­mately 3-4mm ( 1 /8") away from the teeth of the zip.

04 Fold back the fab­ric and wad­ding to re­veal the zip, then press the fab­ric in place. Re­peat Step 3 along the sec­ond long edge of the zip, us­ing the re­main­ing plain fab­ric and wad­ding pieces. Once sewn, fold back the fab­ric and wad­ding and press again.

05 Pin along the outer long edges of the fab­ric and wad­ding lay­ers to hold in place. Us­ing the white sewing thread and the reg­u­lar sewing ma­chine foot, sew along ei­ther side of the zip, 0.5cm (¼") away from the seam as shown.

06 Con­tin­u­ing in white thread, be­gin sewing lines along the length of the fab­ric, par­al­lel to the

zip, and 1.5cm ( 5 /8") apart. Stop ap­prox­i­mately 3cm (1 ") from the outer long edge, and re­peat on the op­po­site side of the zip.

07 Open the zip half­way and, with the zip RS up, place the pat­terned fab­ric and wad­ding sand­wich on top, align­ing the raw edges. Pin and sew along all four edges, 1.5cm ( 5 /8") in, then trim the seams to 0.5cm ( "). Oversew the seams us­ing zigzag stitch.

08 Flat­ten out one of the cor­ners so the seam be­tween the plain and pat­terned fab­rics runs away from you. Mea­sure 8cm (31/ 8") up from the cor­ner point and draw a line hor­i­zon­tally across the cor­ner.

09 Pin and sew along the marked line, then trim the seam to 0.5cm ( "). Re­peat with the three re­main­ing cor­ners, then oversew all raw edges us­ing a wide zigzag stitch. Turn the bag RS out.

10 Wrap a length of gold thread around two fin­gers un­til you have enough to make a small tas­sel. Take the loop of thread off your fin­gers and thread an­other length of thread through the loop, ty­ing it se­curely. Hold­ing the tas­sel at the top, take a third length of thread, ap­prox­i­mately 20cm (77/ 8") long, and tie it around the tas­sel, 0.5cm ( ") down from the top knot. Loop the thread around the top of the tas­sel, then knot to se­cure and trim off any ex­cess. Cut across the bot­tom of the tas­sel to fin­ish, and at­tach it to the zip pull us­ing the thread at the top.

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