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Em­broi­dery hoop, 15cm (6") 25 x 25cm (97/ x 97/ 8") 8 neu­tral cot­ton or li­nen fab­ric Em­broi­dery thread (we used DMC stranded cot­ton in 3346 (green), 164 (light green), 3347 (dark green) and 317 (grey) and An­chor stranded cot­ton in 890 (sand), 309 (light brown) and 355 (dark brown)) Em­broi­dery nee­dle Match­ing sewing thread Glue gun 180g Ital­ian crepe pa­per in dark green Cir­cle of card, 2.5cm (1") di­am­e­ter Scrap pa­per Our suc­cu­lent ob­ses­sion shows no sign of abat­ing, and we know we’re not the only ones. Join us in let­ting that crazy plant lady flag fly, and stitch a ter­rar­ium like no other with this amaz­ing three­d­i­men­sional de­sign, com­bin­ing pa­per and thread to cre­ate tex­ture.

Use six strands of em­broi­dery thread, un­less stated oth­er­wise, and visit www.mol­ for an em­broi­dery stitch guide.

01 Se­cure the fab­ric be­tween the two hoops. Place a ruler ver­ti­cally down the cen­tre of the fab­ric, then make a mark at 1cm ( 3 /8") and at 14cm (5 "). While the ruler is still in place, make an­other mark at 10cm (4"). Mea­sure and mark 5cm (2") out hor­i­zon­tally at ei­ther side of the 10cm (4") mark, then join the dots with lines to cre­ate two tri­an­gle shapes.

02 Po­si­tion the card cir­cle on the line be­tween the tri­an­gles and draw around it. This will mark where the pa­per suc­cu­lent is placed, and should be kept free of any em­broi­dery stitches.

03 Us­ing three strands of grey em­broi­dery thread, back­stitch over the drawn lines to cre­ate the out­line for the ter­rar­ium.

04 Cre­ate tem­plates for the leaves by draw­ing leaf shapes onto scrap pa­per and cut­ting them out. Ar­range them on the fab­ric and draw around them once you’re happy with the place­ment. Draw on spiky leaf fronds above the marked cir­cle for the pa­per suc­cu­lent.

05 Us­ing satin stitch, em­broi­der the leaves us­ing dark green thread for the lower leaves, green thread for the cen­tral leaves and light green thread for the up­per leaves.

06 Use straight stitch and green thread to em­broi­der the spiky fronds, adding one or two small couch­ing stitches on each spike.

07 Fill the lower tri­an­gle with French knots, wrap­ping the thread around the nee­dle seven or eight times to com­plete each stitch. Use dark brown thread for the bot­tom and mid­dle, and both light brown thread and sand thread at the top.

08 For the suc­cu­lent, cut out 25 8 x 2cm (31/ x ") strips of crepe 8 pa­per, mak­ing sure the grain of the pa­per runs along the length. Shape each strip by hold­ing it at both ends and twist­ing twice un­til it re­sem­bles a bow shape.

09 Twist the strip again so the two halves sit on top of each other, then use the glue gun to dot glue in be­tween. Press to­gether, curv­ing them to­wards you to cre­ate a cupped shape, as shown. Re­peat with the other strips, then cut each one into an oval leaf shape.

10 Mark the cen­tre of the card cir­cle. Add glue to the cut end of one leaf, then stick it to the cen­tre mark, with the twisted edge fac­ing out­wards. Re­peat, over­lap­ping each leaf slightly to cre­ate a large outer cir­cle, then work smaller cir­cles in­side this outer one, build­ing up the suc­cu­lent lay­ers to a point at the cen­tre.

11 Glue the pa­per suc­cu­lent to the empty cir­cle marked on the fab­ric. Trim the ex­cess fab­ric at the back of the hoop and glue it in place.

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