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Embroidery hoop, 15cm (6") 25 x 25cm (97/ x 97/ 8") 8 neutral cotton or linen fabric Embroidery thread (we used DMC stranded cotton in 3346 (green), 164 (light green), 3347 (dark green) and 317 (grey) and Anchor stranded cotton in 890 (sand), 309 (light brown) and 355 (dark brown)) Embroidery needle Matching sewing thread Glue gun 180g Italian crepe paper in dark green Circle of card, 2.5cm (1") diameter Scrap paper Our succulent obsession shows no sign of abating, and we know we’re not the only ones. Join us in letting that crazy plant lady flag fly, and stitch a terrarium like no other with this amazing threedimen­sional design, combining paper and thread to create texture.

Use six strands of embroidery thread, unless stated otherwise, and visit www.molliemake­ for an embroidery stitch guide.

01 Secure the fabric between the two hoops. Place a ruler vertically down the centre of the fabric, then make a mark at 1cm ( 3 /8") and at 14cm (5 "). While the ruler is still in place, make another mark at 10cm (4"). Measure and mark 5cm (2") out horizontal­ly at either side of the 10cm (4") mark, then join the dots with lines to create two triangle shapes.

02 Position the card circle on the line between the triangles and draw around it. This will mark where the paper succulent is placed, and should be kept free of any embroidery stitches.

03 Using three strands of grey embroidery thread, backstitch over the drawn lines to create the outline for the terrarium.

04 Create templates for the leaves by drawing leaf shapes onto scrap paper and cutting them out. Arrange them on the fabric and draw around them once you’re happy with the placement. Draw on spiky leaf fronds above the marked circle for the paper succulent.

05 Using satin stitch, embroider the leaves using dark green thread for the lower leaves, green thread for the central leaves and light green thread for the upper leaves.

06 Use straight stitch and green thread to embroider the spiky fronds, adding one or two small couching stitches on each spike.

07 Fill the lower triangle with French knots, wrapping the thread around the needle seven or eight times to complete each stitch. Use dark brown thread for the bottom and middle, and both light brown thread and sand thread at the top.

08 For the succulent, cut out 25 8 x 2cm (31/ x ") strips of crepe 8 paper, making sure the grain of the paper runs along the length. Shape each strip by holding it at both ends and twisting twice until it resembles a bow shape.

09 Twist the strip again so the two halves sit on top of each other, then use the glue gun to dot glue in between. Press together, curving them towards you to create a cupped shape, as shown. Repeat with the other strips, then cut each one into an oval leaf shape.

10 Mark the centre of the card circle. Add glue to the cut end of one leaf, then stick it to the centre mark, with the twisted edge facing outwards. Repeat, overlappin­g each leaf slightly to create a large outer circle, then work smaller circles inside this outer one, building up the succulent layers to a point at the centre.

11 Glue the paper succulent to the empty circle marked on the fabric. Trim the excess fabric at the back of the hoop and glue it in place.

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