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Plain drum lamp­shade

1m (393/ 8") blush pink vel­vet fab­ric

1m (393/ 8") match­ing pink fringed trim­ming

Dou­ble-sided sticky tape

Fab­ric glue

Old bank card

Tailor’s chalk

01 Mea­sure the cir­cum­fer­ence of the lamp­shade and add 1.5cm ( 5 /8"). Cut a length of fringed trim­ming to this mea­sure­ment. Mea­sure the height of the lamp­shade and add 4cm (15/ 8").

02 Lay the vel­vet fab­ric wrong side ( WS) up. Mark out a rec­tan­gle with tailor’s chalk us­ing the mea­sure­ments cal­cu­lated in Step 1 and cut it out.

03 Us­ing the tailor’s chalk, mea­sure and mark a 2cm ( ") guide­line along both of the long edges on the WS of the rec­tan­gle. Place dou­ble-sided tape in­side the 2cm ( ") guide­lines, roughly 1cm ( 3 /8") up, and stick all the way along. Add dou­ble-sided tape along both of the short edges, as shown. Do not peel off the back­ing.

04 Be­fore un­peel­ing the tape, roll the lamp­shade be­tween the two marked lines to prac­tise the process. Next, un­peel the tape from one short end and along both long edges, leav­ing the tape at the other short end stuck down. Put the lamp­shade in po­si­tion and gen­tly roll it onto the fab­ric, se­cur­ing it into place, while keep­ing the fab­ric straight and slightly taut. Con­tinue rolling the lamp­shade onto the fab­ric, mak­ing sure it’s stick­ing well as you go. When you get to the over­lap at the back, un­peel the re­main­ing tape and stick it down.

05 Stick small strips of dou­blesided tape to the in­side of both metal rings, all the way around. Us­ing the old bank card, fold the ex­cess vel­vet fab­ric at the top and bot­tom over the edges of the lamp­shade and be­hind the metal ring, all the way around. At each sup­port­ing arm, snip the fab­ric so it can sit at ei­ther side com­fort­ably, as shown, and con­tinue tuck­ing it in.

06 At­tach the length of fringed trim­ming with the fab­ric glue, slowly turn­ing the lamp­shade around on its side to keep it even. Leave to dry and trim to neaten if re­quired.

Tex­tile grad­u­ate and mum Sally Whit­ing is pas­sion­ate about all vin­tage fabrics, from large flo­ral pieces to ab­stract geo­met­ric designs. She uses her fab­ric finds to make be­spoke lamp­shades and home­wares. You can find Sally reg­u­larly shar­ing her retro-flavoured cre­ations over on In­sta­gram @made­bysal­ly­whit­ing.

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