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side. Re­peat Steps 11-13 with the fab­ric and the re­main­ing elas­tic.

15 For the leg­gings, cut two 5 x 18cm (2 x 71/ ") pieces from Fab­ric 8 E. Fold them both in half along the length with WS to­gether, align­ing the edges. Pin along the open long edges and sew us­ing a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance. Press the seams open. Fold the short raw edges to the WS by ap­prox­i­mately 1cm ( 3 /8") when dress­ing the doll, and scrunch the leg­gings up along the legs for a ruched ef­fect.

16 For the bag, cut a 5 x 14cm (2 x 5½") piece and a 2 x 20cm (¾ x 77/ 8") piece from Fab­ric F. Fold the 5 x 14cm (2 x 5½") piece over on it­self with RS to­gether by 5cm (2"), align­ing the long edges and leav­ing 4cm (15/ 8") free for the flap. Sew the side seams us­ing a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance. For the strap, fold the 5 x 14cm (2 x 5½") piece in half along the length. Pin and sew with a 0.25cm ( 1 /8") seam al­lowance.

17 Trim off any ex­cess fab­ric and turn the bag RS out. Pin the ends of the strap in place ei­ther side of the bag and sew. Sew a but­ton onto the front of the bag, then care­fully cut a cor­re­spond­ing but­ton­hole into the flap.

18 To ac­ces­sorise, tie the re­main­ing Fab­ric C of­f­cut in a bow around the doll’s top knot, as shown.

19 Dress the doll, us­ing the main image as a guide. For the scarf, wrap Fab­ric D around the doll’s neck three times, se­cur­ing it at the back with a knot, then hid­ing the knot un­der­neath the lay­ers.

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