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Four 24 x 34cm (9 x 133/ 8") pieces of primed artists’ can­vas (ours was from www. jack­son­ Large paint brush Medium paint brush Small paint brush Fine paint brush Acrylic paint in flu­o­res­cent pink, flu­o­res­cent yel­low, flu­o­res­cent red, turquoise, green, black and white White enamel paint Leather craft glue Craft knife Mask­ing tape Leather awl Leather punch Ham­mer Two sets of press fas­ten­ers Spray acrylic var­nish Card­board Metal ruler Black fine liner pen Loose change is no small mat­ter when you’ve got a stand­out purse to stash it in. For this mini make, there’s one sim­ple en­ve­lope design and two dif­fer­ent ways to dec­o­rate it – brush up on your paint­ing tech­niques and opt for wild, freestyle splat­ters, or daub your­self a neat om­bré straw­berry.

As they’re bi­jou, th­ese purses are best suited to hous­ing coins, cards and lippy, but you could eas­ily size it up to make an amaz­ing clutch bag.

Splat­tered purse

01 Us­ing the image as a guide, and mix­ing the colours as you see fit, paint two pieces of artists’ can­vas with the flu­o­res­cent pink, flu­o­res­cent yel­low and turquoise paints. To achieve this loosely painted look, work quickly and freely and don’t try to be too pre­cise. Al­low to dry.

02 Take the two painted can­vas pieces out­side as this step can be very messy. Mix black paint with a small amount of wa­ter and splat­ter both pieces, as shown. Again, don’t try to be too pre­cise. Al­low to dry.

03 Us­ing a large paint brush, spread glue on the back of both painted can­vas pieces, go­ing all the way to the edges. Place the glued sides to­gether, align­ing the edges, and flat­ten it with your hands to squeeze out any air bub­bles. Place un­der a stack of books to keep it flat, then leave it to dry for 24 hours.

04 Cut out the tem­plate on page 99 and place it on top of the painted can­vas. Draw around the tem­plate us­ing a fine liner pen. Us­ing the metal ruler and craft knife, cut the can­vas along the lines and cut a small notch in each cor­ner.

05 Cut two 12 x 8cm (4 x 31/ 8") pieces of card­board and tape them

to­gether to make a thick­ness of 0.5cm ( "). Wrap the bot­tom and two sides of the can­vas around the card­board. Us­ing the leather awl, make a hole in the cen­tre where all three sides meet.

06 Next, spray var­nish on both sides of the can­vas, leav­ing each side to dry be­fore turn­ing over.

07 On a hard sur­face, use the leather punch to en­large the holes made by the awl. Fold the bot­tom and sides back in, then at­tach the pos­i­tive sides of a press fas­tener to join them, fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. Fold the top of the purse over and make a hole us­ing the awl where the neg­a­tive side of the fas­tener needs to sit. En­large the hole us­ing the leather punch, then at­tach the neg­a­tive sides of the fas­tener.

Straw­berry purse

08 Use the flu­o­res­cent red, flu­o­res­cent pink and white paints to paint an om­bré ef­fect on the two re­main­ing can­vas pieces. Start with red at the bot­tom, pink in the mid­dle and white at the top. Work quickly, as the once the paint be­gins to dry, it’s hard to cre­ate the blended ef­fect. Re­peat Steps 3-5.

09 Cut out the leaves from the tem­plates on page 99 and draw around them on the white end of the can­vas us­ing a pen­cil. Tape over the drawn leaves. Us­ing a craft knife, gen­tly score just out­side the pen­cil lines and care­fully peel the tape away, leav­ing a sten­cil.

10 Paint the leaves green, then peel the tape away. If the paint has bled be­neath the tape, tidy it up with a small paint brush. Once dry, re­peat Steps 9 and 10 on the other side, then re­peat Step 6.

11 Place the tem­plate from page 99 on top of the purse, lin­ing up the edges, and pierce the tem­plate on each dot with the leather awl. Us­ing the black fine liner pen, mark each dot on the purse through the pierced tem­plate holes.

12 Us­ing the enamel paint, a fine paint brush, and the image as a guide, paint a small white seed over each black dot on the purse. Once dry, turn over and re­peat Steps 11 and 12 on the other side of the purse. Once both sides are dry, re­peat Step 7 to fin­ish.

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