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Shop and craft in paint­box brights


Q Cot­ton fab­ric, 56 x 12.5cm (221/ x 5") 8 Q Flat braided elas­tic, 0.5cm ( ") wide, 18cm (71/ 8") Q Ro­tary cut­ter Q Sewing nee­dle Q Match­ing sewing thread

01 With the wrong side ( WS) of the fab­ric fac­ing, fold the two short edges over to the WS by 1cm ( 3 /8") and press. Fold the rec­tan­gle in half along the length with right sides (RS) to­gether, and press again. Sew the long open edge us­ing a 0.5cm ( ") seam al­lowance.

02 Next, turn the sewn fab­ric tube RS out, as shown.

03 Hold­ing onto one end of the length of elas­tic, thread it through the fab­ric tube and pull it out through the other end.

04 Tie the two ends of the elas­tic to­gether with a dou­ble knot, leav­ing a small tail at each end, and pull tight. Re­ar­range the fab­ric so the knot is hid­den in­side the fab­ric tube.

05 To join the fab­ric tube to­gether into a ring, over­lap the two short edges, as shown, then pin them in place.

06 To fin­ish, hand­sew the join us­ing small slip stitches. Gil­lian Martin lives in Glas­gow, where she’s cur­rently study­ing fash­ion de­sign. She has a back­ground in fine art sculp­ture and makes hair scrunchies in be­tween her many hob­bies, which in­clude quilt mak­ing, draw­ing, and sewing. She’s in­ter­ested in in­cor­po­rat­ing her quilt­ing skills with fash­ion de­sign in the fu­ture. www.the­scrunchies­

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