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Play with colour block­ing and sim­ple patch­work to make this luxe duo


Crushed vel­vet, 50cm (19 ") each in light pink, gold, light blue and medium blue, 1m (393/ 8") in dark pink (ours was from www. my­fab­ Ro­tary cut­ter Cut­ting mat Match­ing sewing threads Metal ruler 45 x 45cm (17 x 17 ") cush­ion pad Polyester stuff­ing Sewing nee­dle The whole gang’s here – mod­ern geo patch­work, colour block good­ness, rich jewel brights and luxe crushed vel­vet. Ba­si­cally, this sim­ple-sew cush­ion duo project is smash­ing through all of our favourite in­te­ri­ors trends in one go like some kind of crafty jug­ger­naut.

Don’t you think it’s time you let your sofa live its best life?

Square cush­ion

Us­ing the ro­tary cut­ter and cut­ting mat, cut a 50 x 50cm (19¾ x 19¾") square and a 50 x 26.5cm (19¾ x 10½") rec­tan­gle from the light blue vel­vet. Cut a 50 x 50cm (19¾ x 19¾") square and a 50 x 26.5cm (19¾ x 10½") rec­tan­gle from the medium blue vel­vet.

Us­ing the ro­tary cut­ter, cut­ting mat and metal ruler, cut the two squares in half di­ag­o­nally from the bot­tom left to the top right to cre­ate two tri­an­gles in each shade. Set one of each tri­an­gle aside as you’ll only need a light blue one and a dark blue one for this project.

For the cush­ion front, place a light blue and dark blue tri­an­gle with right sides (RS) to­gether and sew along the di­ag­o­nal line with a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance.

Next, with each of the 50 x 26.5cm (19¾ x 10½") pieces, fold one of the long edges to the wrong side ( WS) by 0.5cm (¼"), and then again by 0.5cm (¼"). Top stitch in place ap­prox­i­mately 0.25cm ( 1 /8") in from the edge.

Place the cush­ion front with RS fac­ing. Lay the cush­ion back pieces on top, align­ing the edges, and with WS fac­ing. The hemmed back

pieces should over­lap in the mid­dle to form an open­ing, as shown.

Pin in place and care­fully sew all the way around the outer edge with a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance. Back­stitch at the be­gin­ning and end. For added se­cu­rity, en­case the seams with zigzag stitch. Turn the cover RS out and in­sert the cush­ion pad to fin­ish.

Semi-cir­cle cush­ion

Us­ing the tem­plates on page 96, cut one tri­an­gle piece from the dark pink, light pink and gold vel­vet fab­rics. For the cush­ion back, cut a semi-cir­cle piece from the dark pink vel­vet.

Place the light pink tri­an­gle and gold tri­an­gle with RS to­gether and sew along the right di­ag­o­nal sides with a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance.

Place the gold tri­an­gle and dark pink tri­an­gle with RS to­gether and sew with a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance. This is the cush­ion front.

Place the cush­ion front with RS fac­ing. Lay the semi-cir­cle tem­plate from page 96 on top of the cush­ion front with the curve at the top, align­ing the bot­tom point of the gold tri­an­gle with the bot­tom edge of the tem­plate. Care­fully trim away the ex­cess fab­ric around the top of the tem­plate to cre­ate the up­per curve of the semi-cir­cle.

Place the cush­ion front and back pieces with RS to­gether, align­ing the edges. Pin in place, then sew with a 1cm ( seam al­lowance, leav­ing a 12cm (4¾") gap along the bot­tom edge for turn­ing out.

Snip the seam along the curved edge, then turn RS out. Fill with stuff­ing, us­ing small pieces for an even fin­ish. Sew the gap closed.

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