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Weave ap­prox­i­mately 20 rows of tabby weave in Yarn E across the right-hand sec­tion of the weave, fol­low­ing the tem­plate on page 96 for shap­ing. Grad­u­ally de­crease the num­ber of col­umns you weave across to cre­ate the curved shape. You’ll need to use the comb to brush the fluff to the front of the weave as you go. Next, weave six rows of looped stitch in Yarn F on the left to cre­ate a sim­i­lar shape to the curve.

Us­ing 50cm (19 ") of Yarn G, weave two rows of large soumak across the right hand side of the warp. Weave 14 rows of tabby weave in Yarn H across the whole width of the weave, curv­ing it around the soumak.

The weave should be near­ing one of the drawn V-shaped guide­lines on the jacket. Keep re­fer­ring to this for the next few colour changes as it will help you keep the V shape of the weave. Start at the left-hand side and weave 16 rows of tabby in Yarn I across 19 warp threads. Af­ter the first three rows, grad­u­ally de­crease the width of the weave by one warp each time to cre­ate a tri­an­gle shape, us­ing the drawn V shape as a guide for the left-hand edge.

Fol­low­ing the shapes on the tem­plate on page 96, weave 16 rows of tabby weave in Yarn A and six rows of looped weave in Yarn J. Squish the yarn more at the right-hand side to fol­low the shape of the V. Weave ap­prox­i­mately 22 rows of tabby weave in Yarn E. Next, weave nine rows of looped weave in Yarn K, then con­tinue to weave 22 rows in the same yarn, de­creas­ing to fol­low the drawn V guide­line un­til you reach a point.

Weave 20 rows of tabby weave in Yarn L across the full width of the warp. You will now be weav­ing in a V shape. Bat the yarn down firmly to ac­cen­tu­ate the V shape. Next, weave seven rows of tabby weave in Yarn M. Fin­ish the sec­tion by work­ing tabby weave in Yarn N. Fol­low the drawn V guide­line to shape the weave to a point.

Make 11 rya knots, us­ing 10 25cm (97/ lengths of Yarn O for each one. Be­gin at the point of the V and work out­wards. Make 10 rya knots un­der­neath, us­ing 10 25cm (97/ lengths of Yarn P for each one. Make them around al­ter­nate warp strings to the pre­vi­ous set.

Turn the jacket around so the rya knots hang down­wards. Brush them flat and lay a ruler at a di­ag­o­nal across one side of the V shape. Trim the ex­cess yarn to cre­ate a neat edge, then re­peat on the other side. Push the knots back over the weave, then fill the re­main­ing V shape with de­creas­ing rows of tabby weave in Yarn N.

Us­ing a pom pom maker, make three small pom poms: one in Yarn A, one in Yarn B and one in Yarn K. Sew them to the weave us­ing the main im­age as a guide for place­ment. To se­cure the weave on the jacket, sew a few slip stitches along sides of the weave, catch­ing the weave and the jacket to­gether.

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