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MA­TE­RI­ALS For the crown

Paint­box Yarns Cot­ton DK, 100% cot­ton, 125m/137yd per 50g, one ball in Mus­tard Yel­low (424) 3.25mm (UK 10, US 3) cir­cu­lar knit­ting nee­dles Yarn nee­dle Stitch marker

For the cape

Turquoise satin fab­ric, 1 x 1m (393/ x 393/ 8") Turquoise or­ganza fab­ric, 1 x 1m (393/ x 393/ 8") Paint­box Yarns Cot­ton DK, 100% cot­ton, 125m/137yd per 50g, one ball each in Bub­blegum Pink (451), Marine Blue (434) and Mus­tard Yel­low (424) 1.5m (591/ 8") mus­tard satin rib­bon, 3.5cm (13/ 8") wide 6.5cm (25/ 8") pom pom maker Fork Match­ing sewing thread Ta­pes­try nee­dle


30 sts and 37.5 rows in st st to mea­sure 10 x 10cm (4 x 4") us­ing 3.25mm nee­dles


st(s) stitch(es) k knit p purl rh right hand yo yarn over ssk slip one st, slip one st, knit slipped sts to­gether k2­tog knit 2 sts to­gether s2kp2 slip 2 sts, knit 1 st, pass 2 slipped sts over the knit­ted st b bob­ble stitch – on the RS work (k, yo, k, yo, k) into 1 st. Turn to WS, and p each st. Turn back to RS, and K2­tog twice. Slip the sec­ond st on the rh nee­dle over the first st. k the fi­nal st in the bob­ble, and slip the sec­ond st on the rh nee­dle over the first st RS right side WS wrong side


Crown has a cir­cum­fer­ence of 50cm (19 ") Not all su­per­heroes wear capes, but our favourite kind can rock a pom pom with the best of them. This DIY crown and cape set is what dress­ing-up dreams are made of, and a spot of knit­ting and sewing will have lit­tle ones kitted out for all sorts of imag­i­nary ad­ven­tures, whether they’ve got epic res­cues in mind, or fancy be­ing king or queen of ev­ery­thing for the day.

We love the idea of giv­ing this handmade set as a birth­day gift – both ac­ces­sories are sized to fit chil­dren aged four to eight years.


The first sec­tion of the crown is knit­ted in the round from the base up­wards. The five peaks of the crown are each knit­ted from this sec­tion in rows. Cast on 115 sts us­ing the long- tail cast on tech­nique. Join in the round, tak­ing care not to twist the cast on edge. Foun­da­tion k, place a stitch marker at the be­gin­ning of the round Rounds 1-38 us­ing Chart A on page 96, work 38 rounds. The chart is re­peated 5 times on each round, for ex­am­ple for the first round work: (yo, ssk, k18, k2­tog, yo, k1) 5 times. Note that ev­ery al­ter­na­tive round on the chart is k ex­cept for Rounds 20 and 38 within which the bob­ble sts are placed.


Us­ing Chart B on page 96, work in rows across the first 23 sts only, leav­ing the re­main­ing stitches on the cir­cu­lar knit­ting nee­dle ca­ble. For ex­am­ple, Row 1 reads: k1, ssk, yo, k17, yo, k2­tog, k1, turn Note that Row 2 and ev­ery al­ter­nate

row up to Row 20 is p. When you have worked the fi­nal bob­ble at the top of the peak, cut the yarn leav­ing a 15cm (6") yarn tail. Re­join the yarn to the work leav­ing a 15cm (6") yarn tail and re­peat Chart B across the next 23 sts. Re­peat Chart B in the same way around the crown un­til all five peaks have been worked and there are no sts left. Weave in all ends. When weav­ing in the ends on the crown peaks, weave back and forth un­der the bob­ble to help give it more sta­bil­ity. Block gen­tly.


Lay the or­ganza on top of the satin with wrong sides ( WS) to­gether. Sew around three edges with a 1cm ( 3 /8") seam al­lowance, us­ing a 0.25cm ( 1 /8") stitch length.

Trim the or­ganza seam al­lowance to 0.5cm ( ") along the three sewn edges, then fold the satin edge to­wards the or­ganza side over the seam twice, cre­at­ing a 1cm ( folded seam along all three sewn edges. Press gen­tly and top stitch close to the folded edge.

To make mini pom poms, wrap pink yarn around the tines of a fork 20 times. Tie in the cen­tre, then slip the yarn off the fork. Cut the folded edges of the bun­dle, then roll the pom pom in your hands to fluff up the yarn. Trim the mini pom pom into shape. Re­peat un­til you have 10 pom poms in each colour. Then, us­ing the 6.5cm (23/ pom pom maker, make three pom poms in each yarn colour.

Put all the pom poms into the cape through the open edge, be­tween the satin and or­ganza. Fold over the edges of the or­ganza and satin to­wards the or­ganza side and press gen­tly, cre­at­ing a 1cm ( fold. To make a chan­nel, fold over again by 4cm (15/ us­ing the rib­bon as a width guide, and press. Top stitch the folded edge closed.

Thread a ta­pes­try nee­dle with a length of scrap yarn, and knot one end. In­sert through one end of the rib­bon and use the nee­dle to feed the rib­bon through the chan­nel cre­ated in Step 4. Re­move the yarn and nee­dle from the rib­bon.

Cut both ends of the rib­bon into an in­verted V shape, as shown.

Lay the cape flat, and wrig­gle around the pom­poms so they’re ar­ranged ran­domly in­side the cape. Thread the sewing nee­dle and sew some of the pom poms in place, through the satin layer only, re­fer­ring to the im­age as a guide.

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