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Make a botan­i­cal chan­de­lier, cas­cad­ing with trop­i­cal pa­per leaves and flow­ers


Lampshade ring with bulb holder, ap­prox. 28cm (11") in di­am­e­ter Lampshade ring with­out bulb holder, ap­prox. 23cm (91/ 8") in di­am­e­ter 11 30cm (117/ 8") lengths of flo­ral wire Flat or round-nosed pli­ers with wire cut­ters Green flo­ral tape All-pur­pose ad­he­sive Fire re­tar­dant spray A4 pa­per, six sheets in blush pink, four sheets in dark green, three sheets in sage green, two sheets in bright green and one sheet each in pas­tel pink, bright yel­low, white and mus­tard Craft knife Cut­ting mat Em­boss­ing tool Trail­ing vines, pink polka dot plant leaves, lily-like blooms and must-have mon­stera – this trop­i­cal pa­per­cut project knows the way to our plant-lov­ing hearts.

It’s made on a lampshade base (imag­ine the amaz­ing shad­ows it’ll cast), but will look just as beau­ti­ful as a hang­ing dec­o­ra­tion.


Al­ways use with low-heat LED bulbs and fire re­tar­dant spray. Do not leave unat­tended.

Wrap the lampshade rings with flo­ral tape, only wrap­ping around the outer ring, not on the cen­tral bulb holder sec­tion. When us­ing flo­ral tape, stretch the tape as you work to re­lease the glue and al­low the tape to stick to it­self. Next, join the two rings by bind­ing the crossovers with flo­ral wire and adding a cou­ple of ad­di­tional lengths of wire to hold the rings in po­si­tion, wind­ing one end of each piece of wire around each ring.

Us­ing the tem­plates on page 96 and a craft knife and cut­ting mat, cut four flow­ers in white pa­per, four in pas­tel pink pa­per and four in bright yel­low pa­per. Cut 12 flower cen­tres in mus­tard pa­per. Next, cut 24 of leaf 1 in blush pink pa­per, 12 of leaf 2 in dark green pa­per and 12 of leaf 3 in sage green pa­per – these three shapes make up the var­ie­gated leaves. Next, cut four of leaf 4 in dark green pa­per and four of leaf 5 in each of the blush pink, dark green and bright green pa­pers – 12 in to­tal. From the sage green pa­per, cut four of leaf 6. Cut four of leaf 7 from the bright green pa­per. From the blush pink pa­per, cut 10 of leaf 8, five of leaf 9 and five of leaf 10. Cut five of leaf 11 from the dark green pa­per. From the bright green pa­per, cut five of leaf 12 and five of leaf 13. Cut five of leaf 14 and five of leaf 15 from

the sage green pa­per. Cut­ting to­wards you is safest as you’ll have the most con­trol over the knife. Hold the pa­per with your other hand, ro­tat­ing it to al­ways cut to­wards the body.

Use an em­boss­ing tool and ruler to score the crease lines shown on the tem­plates. To do this, line up the ruler, then run the end of the em­boss­ing tool along­side it, press­ing to cre­ate an in­den­ta­tion.

Sep­a­rate the pieces into flower pieces, full leaf/full vine pieces and var­ie­gated leaf pieces. Take the full leaf/vine pieces and fold along all scored lines. To do this on the smaller leaves, turn the piece up­side down and push the side of one fin­ger along the score from the back while squeez­ing the sides of the leaf with the other hand.

Cut 24 10cm (4") lengths of flo­ral wire us­ing wire cut­ter pli­ers.

Take the var­ie­gated leaf pieces and fold along all scored lines. Po­si­tion one pink leaf piece with a val­ley fold, so with the pa­per on ei­ther side of the fold point­ing up­wards. Glue a cut piece of wire onto the leaf us­ing all-pur­pose ad­he­sive, align­ing the wire with the fold and leav­ing a 2cm ( ") gap at the pointed end of the leaf. The wire should pro­trude the base of the leaf by around 3.5cm (13/ 8"). Re­peat this step for all the pink var­ie­gated leaf pieces.

Glue the green var­ie­gated leaf pieces onto the wired leaves in the po­si­tions shown, build­ing up in lay­ers with the dark pieces on top.

Fold along all the scored lines on the flow­ers. Hold the first petal with a moun­tain fold, so the pa­per on ei­ther side of the fold point­ing down­wards. Run the ruler edge along the back of each petal while press­ing on the front with your thumb to curl. Re­peat for all petals.

Cut 12 7cm (2 ") lengths of flo­ral wire us­ing wire cut­ter pli­ers. Use the tips of the pli­ers to bend one end of each piece into a loop.

Wrap a petal piece around the wire, just be­low the loop. Over­lap and glue the end two petals, align­ing the edges. Ap­ply a dot of glue to the base of the wire loop, then press the flower up to the loop. Take a flower cen­tre piece and fold the sta­men up. Ap­ply glue to the back of the cen­tre and press onto the top of the wire loop. Re­peat for all the flow­ers.

At­tach all the non-wired leaves and vines to the lampshade rings, po­si­tion­ing the larger pieces on the in­ner ring and smaller pieces on the outer ring. Fold the end of each stem up and over the ring and glue it onto the back of the leaf.

Fix the wired leaves and flow­ers to the outer lampshade ring by wrap­ping the wires around the ring. Ap­ply fire re­tar­dant spray fol­low­ing the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions and leave to dry.

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