All the shapes for this is­sue’s makes. Un­less oth­er­wise stated, tem­plates are shown at 100%.You can find the full-size tem­plates ready to down­load from www.mol­liemakes.com

Mollie Makes - - Contents - BY AN­GELA POOLE

All you need for this is­sue’s makes


Craft knife Cut­ting mat Long nee­dle Baker’s twine PVA glue

01 Place the pat­terned pa­per face down. Us­ing a pen­cil, draw around the shape of the tem­plate. Us­ing these pen­cil lines as a guide, cut out the 3D ice lolly tem­plate.

02 Turn the pa­per over so the pat­terned side is fac­ing up­wards. Use a craft knife to lightly score along each of the fold lines. Ap­ply only a light pres­sure to avoid cut­ting the pa­per – you could use a bone folder scor­ing tool in­stead, if you have one.

03 Fold along each of the scored lines to make it quicker and eas­ier to glue the tabs in place.

04 Ap­ply tacky PVA glue to one of the lol­lipop stick tabs and at­tach the stick. Glue the bot­tom tabs of the ice lolly and the other side of the lol­lipop stick tab in place. Hold the base to­gether for a few sec­onds while the glue starts to dry. Look down in­side the lolly to check the tabs are all flat – if not, use the blunt end of a pen­cil to nudge them flat.

05 Ap­ply glue to the re­main­ing tabs and fold in the side of the lolly. Then tuck in the tabs as you stick down the curved top.

06 Fin­ish by tuck­ing in the last tab at the end of the curved strip. Smooth any pointed edges along the curve with your fin­gers. If you find you’ve pushed any part of the curve in too far, then hook it back with the point of the scis­sors and re­po­si­tion be­fore the glue dries. Re­peat Steps 1-6 to make more lol­lies. Use a long nee­dle and a length of baker’s twine to string the ice lol­lies to­gether into a gar­land.

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