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The grow­ing trend for mod­ern doll’s houses has got us feel­ing like kids again, only this time around we’re kit­ting them out with squee-wor­thy mini ver­sions of all the home dé­cor we’re crush­ing on.

This small-but-per­fectly-formed craft room is in­side a lit­tle case, Polly Pocket style, so it’s easy to cart about. Got the urge to re­dec­o­rate? You can do it in an af­ter­noon with fab­ric scraps, pom poms and cock­tail sticks.

Visit www.mol­ to down­load ad­di­tional tem­plates.


At­tach a match­stick to the right side (RS) of the fab­ric with PVA glue, ap­prox­i­mately 1cm ( in from one of the edges. It should be par­al­lel to the edge, as shown.

Us­ing the im­age as a guide, mark out a 4 x 5cm (15/ x 2") ban­ner shape with fray-stop glue, then cut it out with the match­stick along the top edge. Trim the match­stick if nec­es­sary.

Use a fab­ric pen to draw your de­sired word­ing or de­sign onto the RS of the ban­ner. You could draw it on be­fore­hand with erasable fab­ric pen to make sure you’re happy with the de­sign.

Cut a 7cm (2 ") length of string and glue the two ends of the string to the wrong side ( WS) at the top of the ban­ner for hang­ing.

Pom pom cush­ion

Cut the fab­ric rec­tan­gle in half along the width to cre­ate two 7x 7cm (2 x 2 ") squares.

Place the squares RS to­gether and sew along three sides with a 1cm ( ") seam al­lowance.

Trim the seam al­lowance at the edges and cor­ners. Turn RS out, stuff, then sew the gap closed.

Us­ing fab­ric glue and the im­age as a guide, stick the pom poms to the front of the cush­ion.

Jute rug

Us­ing a com­pass, cre­ate a tem­plate by draw­ing a cir­cle with a di­am­e­ter of 9.5cm (3¾") onto A4 card. Draw 22 smaller cir­cles around it, each with a di­am­e­ter of ap­prox­i­mately 1.5cm (

Tape the plas­tic sheet in place over the card tem­plate sheet.

Us­ing one end of the roll of jute string, use your fin­gers to pinch the ends to­gether into a small ‘U’ shape and slowly start turn­ing the string into a small cir­cle. Aim for a neat cir­cle so there isn’t a hole in the mid­dle of the rug. Glue the small cir­cle onto the plas­tic in the cen­tre of the rug tem­plate.

Hold­ing the cir­cle down with one fin­ger, be­gin to turn the plas­tic as you wrap the string around to cre­ate a big­ger cir­cle. Ap­ply glue to each outer round be­fore adding the next round of string.

Once you reach the edge of the larger cir­cle on the tem­plate, cut the string and glue to the edge of the cir­cle as neatly as pos­si­ble.

Re­peat Steps 11 and 12 to make smaller cir­cles ap­prox­i­mately 2cm (¾") in di­am­e­ter. Glue them in place, mak­ing sure they are glued to both the edge of the large cir­cle and to the next smaller cir­cle.

Let the glue dry com­pletely be­fore slowly peel­ing the plas­tic from the back of the rug. Trim any dried glue away.

Yarn and nee­dles

Cut a 1.5cm ( 5 /8") length of straw for each ball of yarn.

Thread a nee­dle with yarn and tape the end of the yarn to an end of one straw piece, as shown.

Be­gin thread­ing the yarn in­side the straw and con­tinue wrap­ping yarn around the straw evenly un­til the straw is com­pletely cov­ered.

Once the straw is cov­ered, shape the ball of yarn as de­sired and cut the yarn tail.

To cre­ate a ball band, cut a 4 x 1cm (15/ x 3 /8") strip of brown pa­per. 8

Draw your de­sired im­age or text on the mid­dle sec­tion of the strip of pa­per, keep­ing in mind only a small part will be vis­i­ble on the ball of yarn. Wrap the pa­per around the mid­dle of the ball of yarn and add a dot of glue to se­cure.

To cre­ate a pair of knit­ting nee­dles, cut two 3cm (1¼") lengths from a cock­tail stick, mak­ing sure each one has a pointy end. Sand the cut end, then glue a wooden bead in place on top of the cut end on each knit­ting nee­dle.

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