Soumak weave

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Take a length of rov­ing (50cm (19 ") is a good length to work with, you can al­ways add more) and, start­ing in the mid­dle of a row, bring the rov­ing up from the back of the weave leav­ing a tail of 5cm (2"). Wind the rov­ing around one warp thread to se­cure it.

To make the first row take the rov­ing over six warp threads then loop it un­der and back be­tween the 3rd and 4th warp threads.

Re­peat Step 2 across the weave. Vary the amount of warp threads you weave the rov­ing across and through to vary the shape and size of the soumak.

Bat the weave down when you reach the end of the row. Turn and re­peat back across the weave the other way.

The soumak will also vary in size de­pend­ing on the thick­ness of the rov­ing – as it gets nearer the end of the length, the soumak will grad­u­ally ta­per away.

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