All the shapes for this is­sue’s makes. Un­less oth­er­wise stated, templates are shown at 100%.You can find the full-size templates ready to down­load from www.mol­liemakes.com

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All the shapes for this is­sue’s makes

Use two strands of thread, un­less stated oth­er­wise, and turn to page 101 for a stitch guide.

01 Us­ing the templates on page 97, cut one body, one wing and one beak B piece from the black felt, and four legs, one cheek and one beak A piece from the pink felt. From the turquoise felt, cut one eye and one tail A piece. From the gold faux leather, cut one chest and one tail B piece.

02 Whip­stitch the beak A and B pieces onto beak C. Turn and trim off the ex­cess yel­low felt from both ends.

03 Back­stitch the gold chest piece onto the body, then whip­stitch the eye piece on top.

04 Em­broi­der feathers onto the wing us­ing fly stitch and pink, yel­low and turquoise thread. Back­stitch the curved edge of the wing onto the tou­can with turquoise thread. Whip­stitch the beak to the body and back­stitch the mouth line, as shown.

05 Em­broi­der a cir­cle for the eye with satin stitch and three strands of black thread. Add the light de­tail with white thread. Back­stitch the cheek on.

06 Pin tail B on the tou­can, pin tail A on top and whip­stitch through the lay­ers. Us­ing one strand of thread and blan­ket stitch, sew the leg pieces to­gether to make two legs.

07 Pin the tou­can onto the black felt and cut around it to cre­ate the back piece. Cut a 1 x 5cm ( 3 / 8 x 2") tab from the faux leather and fold it over the keyring. Place the two ends of the tab and the top of the feet be­tween the front and back of the tou­can, re­fer­ring to the main im­age for place­ment, and sew all the way around us­ing blan­ket stitch, leav­ing a gap. Fill the beak and body with soft toy stuff­ing and sew the gap closed.

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