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low­est berry. Wind the rib­bon around and down the stems, se­cur­ing along the way and when you reach the end.

10 To make the wild flow­ers, cut a 2.5 x 13cm (1 x 5 ") strip from both the coral and blush pa­per. Cover one piece lightly with glue and lam­i­nate to­gether with the sec­ond colour strip. Re­peat three times, so that you have three lam­i­nated strips, and leave un­til dry.

11 Snip ver­ti­cally with the grain of the pa­per along the strip, mak­ing cuts as nar­row as pos­si­ble to cre­ate a del­i­cate fringe, and leav­ing only 0.5cm ( ") of the base fully in­tact, as shown.

12 Ap­ply a light layer of glue on the base of the fringed crepe and wrap around the top of a flo­ral wire.

13 Cut an­other 0.5cm ( ") wide strip of green pa­per to make a rib­bon. Ap­ply glue and just cover the base of the wild flower, as shown, don’t move it fur­ther down the stem. Use your fin­gers to lightly rough up the fringe.

14 To dec­o­rate the in­ner hoop, se­cure a stem of sweet pea by hold­ing the stem with your thumb where you’d like it po­si­tioned, then wind the stem tightly around the in­ner hoop. Ar­range sweet peas around the hoop at or­gan­i­cally reg­u­lar in­ter­vals, re­fer­ring to the im­age as a guide.

15 Re­peat the Step 14 process with the clus­ters of berries.

16 Once again, re­peat the Step 14 process with the sweet pea leaves to com­plete the in­ner hoop.

17 Un­screw the outer part of the em­broi­dery hoop to its loos­est fit­ting. Fold the tulle fab­ric in half to form a dou­ble lay­ered 20 x 20cm (77/ x 77/ 8") square and place it over 8 the outer hoop. Now care­fully place the dec­o­rated in­ner hoop in the outer hoop and push down so they’re sit­ting snugly to­gether. Screw the outer part of the hoop tighter if nec­es­sary. Se­cure the fab­ric to the outer hoop with glue and trim away the ex­cess.

18 To fin­ish, thread the wires of the wild flow­ers through the tulle fab­ric at your de­sired points. Bend the wire at 90° to the flower head and feed through the fab­ric again to se­cure it around the hoop once or twice. Trim away any ex­cess wire ends to neaten.

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