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28 x 45.5cm (11 x 18") Cot­ton + Steel Ba­sics Sprin­kle in Peaches (Fab­ric 1) and Jelly Bracelet Neon (Fab­ric 2) 50cm (19¾") Robert Kauf­man Es­sex Linen in Steel (Fab­ric 3) 28 x 45.5cm (11 x 18") RJR Fab­rics Cot­ton Supreme Solids in Black (Fab­ric 4) and Op­ti­cal White (Fab­ric 5) 28 x 45.5cm (11 x 18") Art Gallery Fab­rics Anna Elise Rhyth­mic Hatch in Vivid (Fab­ric 6) 25.5 x 38cm (101/ x 15") 8 fusible fleece White sewing thread 30.5cm (13¼") wooden dowel, 1cm ( 3 /8") thick 50cm (19¾") brown string Ro­tary cut­ter Ap­pliqué glue Erasable fab­ric pen Those three lit­tle words: foun­da­tion pa­per piec­ing. It’s a trick­ier patch­work tech­nique to master, but dip­ping your toe in with a small make like this ban­ner will have you smit­ten. Clean lines, neat shapes and be­witch­ing doe eyes? FPP, you’ve got it go­ing on.


On the tem­plates on page 98, the printed side will be the re­verse side of the fin­ished block. The dot­ted out­side lines are the seam al­lowances, the solid black lines are the sew lines and the let­ters in­di­cate the dif­fer­ent sec­tions. The num­bers show the or­der of sewing.

Cut out tem­plates A-H on page 98 along the dot­ted lines. Shorten the ma­chine stitch length to 1.5 to make it eas­ier to tear off the pa­per.

On the wrong side ( WS) side of tem­plate A, place a tiny dot of tem­po­rary glue in the mid­dle of sec­tion A1 and place Fab­ric 4 on top, right side (RS) up. En­sure the sec­tion is cov­ered plus at least 0.5cm ( ") ex­tra all the way around. A good way to check this is to hold the tem­plate up to the light.

Turn the tem­plate back over and fold along the solid line be­tween sec­tions A1 and A2. Trim the edge of the fab­ric to 0.5cm ( ") be­yond the folded pa­per, be­ing care­ful not to cut the pa­per.

Un­fold the tem­plate and place Fab­ric 2 against the edge of A1 with RS to­gether. Make sure that when sewn, the fab­ric will cover the whole of sec­tion A2, then pin.

With the printed side of the tem­plate fac­ing up, sew along the line be­tween sec­tions A1 and A2, start­ing and end­ing two or three stitches be­yond the printed line. Press the fab­ric open.

Re­peat Step 3 to trim the fab­ric 0.5cm ( ") be­yond the line be­tween sec­tions A2 and A3. Add Fab­ric 2 for A3 fol­low­ing Steps 4-5. Con­tinue piec­ing the rest of the tem­plate A sec­tions in the same way, adding the fab­ric sec­tions in

nu­mer­i­cal or­der. Re­fer to the lay­out di­a­gram on page 98 as a guide.

Piece tem­plate sec­tions B, C, D, E, F, G and H as per Steps 2-6. Once all the sec­tions are com­plete, trim to the outer dashed line around each sec­tion.

Align the tem­plate A and B sec­tions along the straight raw edges and sew to­gether. Press the seams open. Re­peat to join the other sec­tions to­gether, adding them one by one in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der. Re­move the pa­per tem­plates, gen­tly tear­ing along the seam lines. The block should now mea­sure 21.5 x 24cm (8½ x 9½").

Cut a 9cm x 24cm (3½ x 9½") piece from Fab­ric 3. With RS to­gether, sew this to the bot­tom of the block us­ing a 0.5cm (¼") seam al­lowance. Re­peat with the top of the block us­ing a 4 x 24cm (1½ x 9½") piece of Fab­ric 3.

Mea­sure and mark 15cm (6") up from the bot­tom on ei­ther side us­ing a tem­po­rary fab­ric pen. Place a mark along the bot­tom in the cen­tre (12cm (4¾") from ei­ther side). Us­ing the ruler and ro­tary cut­ter, trim a straight line from each side mark to the cen­tre mark. You should now have a ban­ner shape.

Us­ing the ban­ner as a tem­plate, cut a piece of fusible fleece to the same size. Fuse the fleece to the back of the ban­ner. Cut a piece of Fab­ric 3 in the same way for back­ing the fin­ished ban­ner.

For the hang­ing tabs, cut two 5 x 7.5cm (2 x 3") strips from Fab­ric 3. Fold each strip in half along the length with RS to­gether and press. Un­fold, press each raw edge into the mid­dle to meet the first cen­tre fold line, then press again. Fold in half along the length, press, then top­stitch along each long edge to se­cure. Mea­sure 4cm (1.5") in from ei­ther side along the top edge of the ban­ner, fold the tabs in half, then tack along the raw edges.

Place the Fab­ric 3 back­ing piece on top the ban­ner with RS to­gether and sew around the out­side, leav­ing a 7.5cm (3") gap at the top. Turn through to the RS, push­ing out the cor­ners, then fold the raw edges of the gap to the WS. Press, top­stitch all the way around, then slide the dowel through the hang­ing loops. Add string to fin­ish.

Joanne Hart Joanne lives in Birm­ing­ham with her hus­band, son and pet chi­huahua. She started out want­ing to be a dress­maker but fell in love with quilt­ing. Foun­da­tion pa­per piec­ing is her favourite thing – she loves how an im­age can be trans­formed into fab­ric.­file/uni­corn­harts

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