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White 100% cot­ton nap­kins, ap­prox. 40 x 40cm (15 x 15 ") 250g Dy­lon hand­wash fab­ric dye in Ba­hama Blue and Pure Black Fix­ing salt Rub­ber gloves Mea­sur­ing jug Large alu­minium roast­ing tray Four cans of shav­ing foam Squeegee Plas­tic table­cloth Wooden skewer Stylists and faf­fers, we know you’re out there – this one’s for you. Get your sea­sonal styling on and cre­ate a beau­ti­ful sum­mer ta­blescape with hand­made mar­bled nap­kins, just be­cause.

Shav­ing foam, dye and a roast­ing tray may sound like a recipe for dis­as­ter, but this DIY is a fun and sim­ple way to get swirling colour onto fab­ric. The pat­tern on each nap­kin will be to­tally unique.

Rinse the nap­kins in warm wa­ter. While wait­ing for them to dry, pre­pare a workspace with a plas­tic ta­ble cloth mak­ing sure to cover any ar­eas you don’t want to get stained. Once the nap­kins are dry, give them a quick iron.

In the mea­sur­ing jug, mix 1 tbsp of Dy­lon Ba­hama Blue dye with 1 tbsp of salt. Add 200ml of warm wa­ter and stir thor­oughly un­til all the salt has dis­solved.

Squirt shav­ing foam into the alu­minium tray un­til the bot­tom is com­pletely cov­ered, as shown.

Put rub­ber gloves on. Us­ing the pipette, add streaks of dye on top of the foam. Be care­ful not to add too much or you’ll lose the de­sired mar­bling ef­fect.

Us­ing a wooden skewer, swirl the dye gen­tly into the foam un­til you’re happy with the look.

Lay the first nap­kin right side (RS) down into the tray, start­ing with the cor­ner. Gen­tly press the fab­ric down onto the foam un­til you see the dye com­ing through. Leave for 30 se­conds then peel the nap­kin away. Add some more smaller spots of shav­ing foam and a lit­tle more dye, swirl the foam and dye again in the same way. Lay the nap­kin onto the foam again un­til all four cor­ners have been pressed in the tray.

Care­fully lay the nap­kin out with the foamy side fac­ing up. Take a squeegee or palette knife and scrape off the foam to re­veal the mar­ble ef­fect, as shown.

Be sure to rinse the squeegee in warm wa­ter and wipe dry be­tween scrapes – it’s re­ally im­por­tant to keep the fab­ric as dry as pos­si­ble to stop the mar­bling from bleed­ing into the fab­ric.

Re­peat Steps 3-8 with all of the nap­kins, then leave them to dry overnight. Al­ter­na­tively, you can dry them in a tum­ble dryer on a quick-dry set­ting.

Once the nap­kins are com­pletely dry, rinse them off un­der cold wa­ter un­til the wa­ter runs away clear.

Dry the nap­kins again, this time as quickly as pos­si­ble. If you can pop them in the dryer this is the best op­tion, then give them a quick iron. Al­ter­na­tively, squeeze out as much ex­cess wa­ter as pos­si­ble, then iron them dry on an old towel.

Now you’ve cre­ated the base blue ef­fect, re­peat Steps 2-11 with Pure Black Dy­lon dye to add the sec­ond colour. Make sure to wash out all the uten­sils be­fore you start.

Emily Ash­bourn Self-con­fessed make-aholic Emily loves cre­at­ing mod­ern makes for her fam­ily and home. Out­side of craft, she’s into road trips, lakes, moun­tains, and ad­ven­tures with her girls and hus­band.­

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