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Two 24 x 13.5cm (9 x 53/ 8") pieces of Mer­chant & Mills Laun­dered Linen in Good­night (Fab­ric 1) (ours was from www. Two 24 x 13.5cm (9 x 53/ 8") pieces of Robert Kauf­man Es­sex Linen Mix Cham­bray in Denim (Fab­ric 2) 15cm (6") brown faux leather tape 20.5cm (81/ 8") white zip White em­broi­dery thread Ta­pes­try nee­dle Tai­lor’s chalk Septem­ber, sea­son of freshly sharp­ened pen­cils, is on its way and our sta­tionery-lov­ing hearts have never quite out­grown that an­nual yearn­ing for a new pencil case. We’d like ours hand­made this time please, with sashiko-in­spired em­broi­dery on inky blue linen.

Fol­low the tem­plate given to com­plete this sim­ple sew, or go off piste and dream up your own take on sashiko de­sign.

Cut out the tem­plate on page 98 and place it cen­trally on the right side (RS) of one of the Fab­ric 1 pieces. Use tai­lor’s chalk to mark where the dot­ted lines end.

Use the tai­lor’s chalk marks as a guide to copy the curved lines from the pat­tern onto the fab­ric. Run the lines out past the edges of the tem­plate, as shown.

Us­ing all six strands of em­broi­dery thread, sew the pat­tern onto the fab­ric with run­ning stitch. To get the Ja­panese sashiko stitch ef­fect, load the nee­dle with a few stitches at a time, then pull the thread through, re­fer­ring to the im­age. For the lit­tle dashes and stars, sew one at a time, us­ing the tem­plate on page 98 as a guide.

Place one of the Fab­ric 2 lin­ing pieces RS up, then place the zip RS up at the very top, as shown, so it aligns neatly. Place the em­broi­dered piece RS down on top. Pin all three lay­ers to­gether along the top edge.

Next, us­ing the zip­per foot on the sewing ma­chine, sew along the

pinned edge of the zip in a straight line, re­mov­ing the pins as you work.

To con­tinue when you reach the zip tag, place the nee­dle down into the fab­ric to hold it in place and un­zip the tag away from the foot. Con­tinue sewing along to the end. Re­peat Steps 4-6 for the other side of the zip, pin­ning and sewing to­gether the other Fab­ric 2 piece, zip and Fab­ric 1 piece.

Flat­ten out the fab­ric pieces on ei­ther side of the zip and iron them open so the top edge by the zip is crisp. Sew a line of top stitch­ing on Fab­ric 1 ap­prox­i­mately 0.5cm ( ") down from the zip on both sides.

Open the zip. With the wrong sides ( WS) of the Fab­ric 2 lin­ing pieces fac­ing, fold the zip so the teeth are to­gether, fac­ing to­wards the op­po­site edge of the lin­ing, as shown.

Place both the lin­ing pieces and both the outer fab­ric pieces RS to­gether, as shown. Pin at the zip edges on both sides, mak­ing sure the teeth are still fac­ing to­wards the lin­ing, then pin all the way around, leav­ing a gap of around 7.5cm (3") in the long edge of the lin­ing for turn­ing out.

Fold the faux leather rib­bon in half along the length to cre­ate a loop and tuck it in­side the outer fab­ric pieces on the top right-hand side, close to the zip, so the loop is on the in­side and the ends poke out. Pin in place.

Leave a 1.5cm ( 5 /8") seam al­lowance and sew from one side of the gap in the lin­ing all the way around the out­side to the other side of the gap. Us­ing a pair of scis­sors, trim the fab­ric cor­ners and ends of the zip.

Turn the pencil case RS out and push out the cor­ners on the outer fab­ric. Fold the raw edges of the lin­ing at the gap to the WS, then pin and sew to close. Tuck the lin­ing in­side the pencil case and give it a fi­nal press.

Moira Fuller Life­long crafter Moira is the founder of Craftios­ity, a sub­scrip­tion box of mod­ern craft kits. When she’s not craft­ing, she loves walk­ing and is lucky to have moor­lands, canals and rivers on her York­shire doorstep. www.craftios­

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