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Roll of brown pa­per A4 piece of thick card Pair of com­passes Strong dou­ble-sided sticky tape

Craft pro­jects that are even sim­pler to make than they look? They’re the best kind. The se­cret to this bas­ket is that while it looks like wood, it’s ac­tu­ally made with strips of care­fully folded pa­per.

Get cut­ting and weav­ing and take the bas­ket trend in an un­der­stated Scandi di­rec­tion. Be­cause we might as well face it: we’re crafters, we’re al­ways go­ing to need more stor­age.

For the pa­per bas­ket base, cut out a 20cm (77/ 8") di­am­e­ter cir­cle from a piece of thick card.

Us­ing a pencil and ruler, draw 16 equally spaced lines through the cen­tre of the card cir­cle. The re­sult­ing pat­tern should look like a sliced pizza, as shown.

Cut out a 12 x 16cm (4 x 63/ 8") piece of brown pa­per and lay it flat on the work sur­face. Fold both of the long edges in to­wards the cen­tre, so they meet in the mid­dle.

Re­peat the process of fold­ing the long edges in to­wards the mid­dle, as shown.

Fold the pa­per again, this time along the length through the cen­tre so the two sides meet. This fold will hide the raw edges of the pa­per. Stick the sides of pa­per to­gether with dou­ble-sided sticky tape on the in­side of the fold.

Re­peat Steps 3-5 un­til you have 16 iden­ti­cal strips of folded pa­per.

Us­ing the same fold­ing process as for Steps 3-5, make five more folded strips of brown pa­per, each at least 75cm (29 ") long so they’ll be the right length to wrap around the full cir­cum­fer­ence of the cir­cu­lar bas­ket base.

Us­ing dou­ble-sided sticky tape, stick each of the 16 smaller strips of pa­per to the edge of the cir­cle cut in Step 1. Use the grid lines drawn in Step 6 as a guide, to en­sure they are evenly spaced.

Turn the cir­cle up­side down, so the grid is on the un­der­side. Fold one of the 16cm (63/ strips of pa­per over, across the top of the cir­cle. Stick one of the longer pa­per strips to it with a small piece of dou­ble-sided sticky tape. They should be joined at a 90º an­gle.

Weave this longer strip all the way around the cir­cle. Al­ter­nate be­tween weav­ing it over one of the outer pa­per strips, then un­der the next, and so on, un­til you reach the end of the pa­per. At this point, use more dou­ble-sided sticky tape to stick the end of the long strip against the fi­nal outer strip it was wo­ven across.

Re­peat Steps 9 and 10 with the rest of the longer pa­per strips. Each time, move them 2-3cm (¾-1¼") fur­ther up the outer strips. You also need to make sure to al­ter­nate the weav­ing with each piece you add – so in­stead of go­ing over/un­der, go un­der/over – to build up the wo­ven de­sign.

Once all the hor­i­zon­tal pieces are wo­ven in, fold over the ex­cess lengths of the shorter ver­ti­cal pieces and stick them down with dou­ble-sided sticky tape.

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