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Bob­biny T-shirt Cot­ton, 92% cot­ton, 8% Ly­cra, 120m/131yd per 800g, one roll in Olive Green (ours was from www. tshirt­yarn­ 15mm (US P/19) cro­chet hook Stitch marker


Not es­sen­tial for this project


st(s) stitch(es) ch chain ss slip stitch exdc ex­tended dou­ble cro­chet – in­sert hook in st, yarn round hook and pull through a loop, yarn round hook and pull through one loop on hook, yarn round hook and pull through both loops on hook magic ring wrap work­ing yarn around fore­fin­ger twice to cre­ate ring, slip ring off your fin­ger and in­sert hook to pick up first st, ch1, then work the nec­es­sary sts for Round 1 and close ring tightly by pulling the loose end


Ap­prox. 15 x 14cm (6 x 5 "), ex­clud­ing han­dles


The bas­ket is worked in the round and the han­dles are added af­ter­wards us­ing sur­face cro­chet. Use a stitch marker to mark the start of each round. When work­ing the sur­face cro­chet and the han­dles, loosen the ten­sion. Round 1 make a magic ring, ch1 (does not count as st here and through­out), 6exdc in ring, join to 1st exdc with a ss [6 sts] Round 2 ch1, 2exdc in each st around, join to 1st exdc with a ss [12 sts] Round 3 ch1, *1exdc in next st, 2exdc in the next st; re­peat from * to end of round, join to 1st exdc with a ss [18 sts] Round 4 ch1, 1exdc into each st around, join to 1st exdc with a ss [18 sts] Rounds 5-9 re­peat Round 4, at the end of Round 9 fas­ten off and sew in ends Make a slip knot and hold it in­side the bas­ket. In­sert the hook into the bot­tom of the bas­ket from the right side, put the slip knot on the hook, then pull the loop through the bas­ket, keep­ing the knot and work­ing yarn in­side. Keep­ing the loop on the hook, in­sert hook into the space next to it, yarn over hook and pull the loop through the bas­ket and the loop on the hook. This is ss sur­face cro­chet. Con­tinue in this way to work a ver­ti­cal line. When you reach the top, make the han­dle: ch10, miss 3 sts along top edge of bas­ket, ss into 4th st along. Con­tinue in ss sur­face cro­chet down the side of the bas­ket, then across the base to a point di­ag­o­nally op­po­site the first ss, then work ver­ti­cally again. Make a sec­ond han­dle and ss sur­face cro­chet down to the base and across to the start­ing point. Work an­other layer of sur­face cro­chet over the sur­face cro­chet and into the han­dles. Fas­ten off. Sew in ends.

Sher­rie Yab­s­ley is a cro­chet de­signer from South Devon, and taught her­self how to hook six years ago. www.ol­lie­and­

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