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3 lin­ing on one side, then do the same on the other side, this time leav­ing a gap of ap­prox­i­mately 7.5cm (3") in the lin­ing so you can turn the bag RS out later on.

If your zip is a lit­tle shorter than the width of the bag, at this point you’ll also need to sew two lit­tle in­dents across the top of where Fab­ric 2 meets the Fab­ric 3 lin­ing, up to the points where the zip tape be­gins and ends.

Be­fore turn­ing it through to the RS, the bot­tom of the bag needs to be given a lit­tle depth and shape. To do this, fold the cor­ners of the quilted vel­vet back on them­selves, so the side seam line runs down the mid­dle of this newly pinched-out cor­ner. Sew a line across the cor­ner, roughly 5cm (2") down from the point, as shown. Don’t trim th­ese cor­ners away as they’ll add to the struc­ture of the fin­ished bag.

Turn the clutch bag RS out through the gap left in the lin­ing. Fold the raw edges at the gap to the WS, then pin and sew us­ing blind slip stitch.

Next, cre­ate a tas­sel to at­tach to the zip pull. Cut a length of navy blue thread ap­prox­i­mately 15cm (6") long and put aside. Wrap the re­main­ing thread around a piece of A6 card 30 times. Slip the 15cm (6") length of thread through the loop of wound thread and tie to­gether at the top. Now slide the bun­dle of thread off the card.

Se­cure with an­other short piece of thread, ty­ing it around the bun­dle roughly a quar­ter of the way down. Cut the lower part of the bun­dle to re­lease the strands of thread, then trim to neaten. At­tach the tas­sel to the zip us­ing the thread ends at the top.

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