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Pe­beo small crys­tal resin kit (ours was from www. hob­by­ Dis­pos­able plas­tic cups Lol­lipop sticks Sil­i­cone mat Acrylic paint in pink, dark pink and white Gold glit­ter Gold gild­ing paint Modelling clay Holo­graphic con­fetti Plas­tic gloves Paint brush That Gatsby- style bar cart you’ve been lust­ing af­ter? It’s not the only way to chan­nel cock­tail lounge glam­our. Primp your drinks set-up with geode coast­ers in jewel brights, edged with gold.

Th­ese ver­sions are made with resin and a gen­er­ous sprin­kle of glit­ter – a stack of them would make a stel­lar new home gift for pals who’ve moved. Chin, chin.

To cre­ate four moulds on a sil­i­cone mat, roll out four sausage shapes of modelling clay, then join the edges to cre­ate rough oval ring shapes, ap­prox­i­mately 12 x 9cm (4¾ x 35/ ") and 0.5cm (¼") thick. The rougher this is, the bet­ter for the agate shape. Make sure all the gaps are filled and the clay is pushed down firmly to the mat.

Put on plas­tic gloves and en­sure the work sur­face is pro­tected. To mix the resin, fol­low the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions, but as a gen­eral rule mea­sure one part hard­ener to two parts resin in a plas­tic cup. You’ll need 120ml of resin and 40ml of hard­ener to cre­ate four coast­ers. Try to be as ex­act as you can when mea­sur­ing the resin. Stir the mix­ture with a lol­lipop stick un­til it’s clear.

Leave the resin mix to sit for five min­utes to al­low any air bub­bles to rise up to the sur­face and pop.

Di­vide the resin equally into five plas­tic cups. Add paint to three of the pots – one dark pink, one lighter pink and one white – at a one part paint to ten parts resin ra­tio. Mix un­til the paint has com­pletely com­bined

with the resin. Acrylic paint works par­tic­u­larly well with resin – avoid any water-based paints as they’ll pre­vent the resin from set­ting.

Leave the fourth cup with clear resin, then add gold glit­ter to pot five. Keep adding glit­ter un­til the mix is a thick glit­tery paste.

Pour a small amount of the dark­est pink resin care­fully into cen­tre of each mould.

Next, pour the lighter pink resin into the cen­tre of the first pour. Keep pour­ing in coloured resin in this way into the mid­dle, adding vary­ing amounts of dark pink, light pink and white, un­til the resin has spread to the edge of the moulds.

Pour clear resin in the cen­tre of each mould, then sprin­kle holo­graphic con­fetti into the cen­tre, push­ing the loose bits down with a lol­lipop stick. To cre­ate the geode-look rocky cen­tre, add a good pinch of con­fetti so it doesn’t all sink in and be­come en­cased in resin, but sits on the sur­face to add tex­ture.

Pour a small amount of the gold glit­ter mix into the poured resin and swirl care­fully with a lol­lipop stick to cre­ate long thin trails of gold around the cen­tre.

Leave the coast­ers to set for 24 hours. Don’t touch them or move them, as it can take up to 20 hours for the resin to harden from a liq­uid. Try to keep the tem­per­a­ture con­stant and above 15 C.

Once hard­ened, re­move the coast­ers from the moulds and the sil­i­cone mat. Use scis­sors to trim the rough edges, cre­at­ing an oval geode slice shape.

Add gold gild­ing paint to the edges of the coast­ers with a paint brush, let­ting a lit­tle spread around the top edge too. Leave to dry.

Emma Jewell Glit­ter fiend and craft blog­ger Emma runs monthly craft sub­scrip­tion The Glit­tery Hands Box and a monthly craft night called The Craft and Cock­tail Club. She’s hap­pi­est mak­ing sparkly makes for sassy babes. www.em­ma­jew­ell­

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