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10m (11yd) veneer tape, 1cm ( 3 /8") wide Wood glue Lamp­shade spi­der Bull­dog clips Sculp­tural, a lit­tle bit retro and a to­tal bar­gain – that’s our kinda lamp­shade. And let us in­tro­duce your new home dé­cor crush: the hum­ble yet some­how im­pres­sive veneer edg­ing tape. It’s easy to work with (no drilling, saw­ing or sand­ing), plus wooden tones really warm up a room. If a colour pop’s your thing, paint or spray the veneer strips be­fore as­sem­bling.

The lamp­shade is made up of in­ner and outer hoops. For the lamp­shade in­ner, cut eight 50cm Belçim Sarıeyyü­poglu Turk­ish craft blog­ger Belçim is a free­lance ed­i­tor for an in­te­ri­ors magazine. She trav­els reg­u­larly, and her ad­ven­tures are of­ten what in­spire her makes. www.bik­ag­it­bi­ (19¾") pieces of veneer tape. For the lamp­shade outer, cut 13 80cm (31½") pieces of veneer tape.

To make the in­ner hoops, ap­ply wood glue to the end of one of the 50cm (19¾") strips, as shown, and join into a hoop.

Re­peat with all of the 50cm (19¾") strips to cre­ate eight hoops. To hold the ends of veneer strip to­gether, use bull­dog clips or pa­per­clips un­til the glue is com­pletely dry.

Once the eight hoops are dry, you can be­gin to make the in­ner lamp­shade. First, glue two hoops on top of each other, as shown, but don’t glue them to­gether at the bot­tom. Then glue an­other hoop on top of the two hoops and con­tinue un­til all eight pieces are at­tached. Re­fer to the im­ages as a guide for place­ment.

Draw a cir­cle the cir­cum­fer­ence of the lamp­shade spi­der on the unglued bot­tom of the hoops and care­fully cut it out.

Once cut, the strips will sep­a­rate from each other. Stick the sep­a­rated strips side by side as shown, ap­ply­ing glue to the cor­ner of each end and leav­ing a hole large enough to fit the lamp­shade spi­der in­side.

For the lamp­shade outer, make loops with the 80cm (31½") lengths by glu­ing the strips to the edge of the hole at the top of the lamp­shade, as shown.

Glue the loops in place where they cross over at the bot­tom of the lamp­shade, then clip the strips in place un­til the glue is dry.

Fi­nally, place the lamp­shade spi­der in the hole and glue in place. Leave un­til com­pletely dry.

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