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Weave blush pink rib­bon to make a tac­tile bol­ster cush­ion for your sofa


23m (25yd) pink vel­vet rib­bon, 1cm ( 3 /8") wide 15 x 40.5cm (6 x 16") bol­ster cush­ion Match­ing sewing thread Sewing nee­dle 2.5 x 15cm (1 x 6") piece of pa­per Tra­di­tional cane weav­ing worked in blush pink vel­vet rib­bon? Mind blown. This tex­tured bol­ster of your dreams looks di­vine and is only a bit of care­ful mea­sur­ing and pin­ning away – just think of it as a gate­way project if you’re new to weav­ing, as it’s loom-free.

You can up­cy­cle a bol­ster you al­ready have with co­or­di­nat­ing rib­bon, or if you’re handy with the sewing ma­chine you could make your own by sewing a bol­ster cush­ion cover and fill­ing it be­fore you tackle the weav­ing.

First, cut six 119cm (47") lengths of the vel­vet rib­bon and group them into three pairs.

Find the mid­dle point of one pair of rib­bons. Lay the rib­bons ver­ti­cally and par­al­lel to one an­other, 2.5cm (1") apart, with their mid­dle ly­ing across the end of the bol­ster cush­ion. Use a 2.5 x 15cm (1 x 6") piece of pa­per to help with spac­ing. Pin th­ese rib­bons into place at the cir­cum­fer­ence seam on the bol­ster end.

Lay the mid­dle of a sec­ond pair of rib­bons on top of the bol­ster end at ap­prox­i­mately a 45º an­gle to the first pair so that the ends con­tinue around the cir­cum­fer­ence seam 2.5cm (1") apart, as shown. Pin into place.

Weave the next pair of par­al­lel rib­bons at an an­gle un­der and over each of the four pinned rib­bons. The rib­bons you’re weav­ing should catch in the Vs of the other rib­bons so they don’t slide around. The shape should cre­ate a hexagon in the cen­tre, as shown.

Bring the ends of the first pair of rib­bons around the length of the pil­low to meet each other and pin them into place, over­lap­ping the cut ends. Re­peat with the sec­ond pair of rib­bons so they over­lap the first pair at the other end, then pin them into place.

Bring the third pair of rib­bons around to pin, but weave the end of the rib­bons un­der and over the rib­bons al­ready se­cured to the pil­low, as in Step 4. Se­cure all the rib­bons to the cir­cum­fer­ence seam with pins, main­tain­ing the es­tab­lished 2.5cm (1") spac­ing.

Check to make sure the wo­ven pat­tern is cor­rect on both sides, the rib­bons are 2.5cm (1") apart, and the ten­sion on the rib­bons around the pil­low is as de­sired – tight, but not com­press­ing the pil­low. Fold one cut end of each rib­bon back by 0.5cm ( ") and se­cure the folded end to the rib­bon be­low it with nee­dle and thread, main­tain­ing its ten­sion around the pil­low. Trim the rib­bon ends un­der­neath the sewn fold to 0.5cm ( "). Re­peat this step for the five re­main­ing rib­bons.

For each rib­bon, un­pin and slide the loop un­til the rib­bon seam is hid­den un­der one of the other rib­bons. Th­ese are the struc­tural rib­bons. Repin them into place at the cir­cum­fer­ence seam.

Cut six 218cm (86") lengths of rib­bon – th­ese will be your wrap­ping rib­bons. Next, ori­ent the pil­low end to­wards you so that one set of the sewn par­al­lel struc­tural rib­bon pairs on the end is hor­i­zon­tal.

Line up one of the wrap­ping rib­bon ends across the end of the pil­low so it’s par­al­lel to the hor­i­zon­tal pair that are al­ready there. Pin the end of the wrap­ping rib­bon un­der the struc­tural rib­bon al­ready se­cured by the cir­cum­fer­ence pin. Bring the wrap­ping rib­bon un­der and then over the cen­tre V along the par­al­lel line – the rib­bon should catch in the V and not slide through. Next, pin the wrap­ping rib­bon over the struc­tural rib­bon where they cross at the cir­cum­fer­ence seam, us­ing the pin that’s al­ready there. Ro­tate the pil­low so an­other set of par­al­lel rib­bons is hor­i­zon­tal.

Re­peat Step 10 to add five more par­al­lel rib­bon lines along the edges of the pil­low end. As you add th­ese rib­bons, main­tain the over/un­der pat­tern. The wrap­ping rib­bon should al­ways run un­der the struc­tural rib­bon where it starts and over the struc­tural rib­bon at the edge of the pil­low. Af­ter plac­ing all the rib­bons, there should be no cir­cum­fer­ence pins avail­able. Re­mea­sure and ad­just the cir­cum­fer­ence pins as nec­es­sary to main­tain 2.5cm (1") spac­ing be­tween them all.

Th­ese six wrap­ping rib­bons will en­cir­cle the bol­ster cush­ion with 2.5cm (1") of space be­tween each other. As you wrap around the cush­ion to the other end, the wrap­ping rib­bons will go over the struc­tural rib­bons al­ready in place on the pil­low. Start at the top of the pil­low and be­gin wrap­ping one of

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