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24 clear fil­l­able plas­tic baubles in var­i­ous sizes (ours were from www. hob­by­ Multi-sur­face satin acrylic paint in blue, mint, dark pink and light pink (we used Amer­i­cana De­coArt in Col­balt, Soft Jade, Pink Trop­ics and Pink Cadil­lac) Paint brush Soft paint brush Washi tape Two dou­ble-sided ad­he­sive sheets Gros­grain rib­bon in blue, mint, dark pink and light pink, 1cm ( 3 / ") wide 8 Shred­ded tis­sue pa­per Craft gold leaf Soft paint­brush Do the luxe cal­en­dar thing the hand­made way with these hid­den trea­sure baubles. Dec­o­rated us­ing four dif­fer­ent paint ef­fects and fancy gold leaf num­bers, you can hang them up in­di­vid­u­ally or thread them to­gether, in­ter­twined with springs of fo­liage, to cre­ate a state­ment gar­land.

Best of all, you get to cu­rate those daily treat yo’self mo­ments, de­cid­ing ex­actly what goes into each one. Use an as­sort­ment of dif­fer­ent-sized baubles so you’ve got room to store ev­ery­thing from choco­late truf­fles to beauty bits.

01 To make the solid colour baubles, open six baubles in dif­fer­ent sizes. Paint the in­side of each one, us­ing a dif­fer­ent colour for ev­ery bauble. As plas­tic is non-por­ous, you’ll need a few coats to get a good solid opaque colour – leave to dry in be­tween each one.

02 To cre­ate the paint splat­ter baubles, open a bauble, load a paint brush with paint, then flick it in­side the bauble with your fin­ger. Be sure to cover the sur­round­ing sur­faces first as it can be messy. Once the splat­ter ef­fect is dry, paint a con­trast­ing base colour over the top of it, again, on the in­side of the bauble. Re­peat this step four times so you end up with five splat­tered baubles in var­i­ous dif­fer­ent sizes.

03 To cre­ate the mar­bled ef­fect baubles, add a few splodges of paint to the in­side of a bauble in con­trast­ing colours. Use as many colours as you like, then join the two bauble halves back to­gether and give it a good shake to mix the paint up in­side.

04 Once thor­oughly mixed, open the bauble up again and let the ex­cess paint run out. The best way to do this is to leave it bal­anced over an old jar or paint pal­ette. As the paint runs out it’ll con­tinue to leave a mar­bling ef­fect, so oc­ca­sion­ally turn the bauble halves as they dry for a pretty fin­ish. Re­peat Steps 3- 4 five times to cre­ate a to­tal of six mar­bled baubles in dif­fer­ent sizes.

05 For the con­fetti-style bauble, use washi tape to cre­ate the con­fetti shapes. Cut lit­tle strips of tape and ap­ply to the in­side of a bauble, then paint your cho­sen base colour over the top.

06 Once the base colour is dry, care­fully pull off the washi tape to re­veal the con­fetti pat­tern, then paint over the gaps in a con­trast­ing colour. Re­peat Steps 5- 6 six times to cre­ate seven con­fetti baubles in dif­fer­ent sizes.

07 Us­ing the num­ber tem­plates on page 97, draw the num­bers 1-24 onto the dou­ble-sided ad­he­sive sheets. You may want to ad­just the

size of the num­bers by en­larg­ing or re­duc­ing them on a pho­to­copier to bet­ter fit the baubles. Use scis­sors to cut the num­bers out.

08 Care­fully peel off the back­ing pa­per from a cut-out ad­he­sive num­ber and stick it onto the face of one of the baubles.

09 Once the num­ber is stuck down, peel off the pro­tec­tive layer on the face of the ad­he­sive num­ber and ap­ply the gold leaf. Gen­tly pat down the gold leaf to make sure it fully sticks to the ad­he­sive.

10 Us­ing a soft bris­tle paint­brush, lightly dust off the ex­cess gold leaf from the bauble.

11 Fill the fin­ished baubles with shred­ded tis­sue pa­per or con­fetti and an Ad­vent cal­en­dar treat of your choos­ing, then close them.

12 Thread a 30cm (117/ 8 ") length of con­trast­ing rib­bon through the loop on each of the baubles, then use to at­tach to a tree or gar­land.

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