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A4 135gsm pa­per, one sheet each in white, pink, red, mus­tard and green (we used Color­plan Candy Pink, Bright Red and For­est, and Freel­ife Merida Ochre) Cut­ting mat Craft knife Washi tape Dou­ble-sided tape How do you fancy an en­chanted for­est as wall art? Sweet stripes, clever lay­er­ing and a crush­wor­thy colour pal­ette are all part of the magic in this fes­tive pa­per­cut.

It’ll make a beau­ti­ful al­ter­na­tive to that fancy Christ­mas card you were think­ing of mak­ing for your near­est and/or dear­est, and only re­quires some strate­gic slic­ing.

When cut­ting, move the knife to­wards you for greater con­trol, ro­tat­ing the pa­per as you work. A min­i­mal­ist piece like this lives or dies by its fin­ish, so cut away from the cor­ners to cre­ate clean shapes.

Use a ruler and pen­cil to mea­sure and mark a few points 1cm ( ") in from each edge of the white, pink, red and mus­tard sheets.

Print the tem­plates on page 97 and po­si­tion each of them on the cor­re­spond­ing sheet of coloured pa­per, align­ing the edges of the tem­plates with the marks made in Step 1. The tem­plate should be cen­tral on the coloured sheet, with a 1cm ( ") bor­der around the edge.

Tape each tem­plate into po­si­tion us­ing washi tape. Bear in mind that you’ll be peel­ing this off later, so use just enough to se­cure it.

Place the mus­tard sheet on the cut­ting mat. Hold the craft knife like a pen, at a 45° an­gle, then cut along the lines marked on the tem­plate. It’s eas­i­est to break each shape down into a series of cut lines than think­ing of them as whole shapes.

Care­fully peel off the tape to re­move the tem­plate from the

coloured sheet, mak­ing sure not to dam­age the sur­face of the pa­per, then rub out the pen­cil marks from Step 1 with an eraser.

Re­peat Steps 4 and 5 with the red, pink and white sheets. This will give you four dif­fer­ent pieces of card with cut-outs, plus the un­cut sheet of green card.

Stack up the sheets in the fol­low­ing or­der, from top to bot­tom: white, pink, red and mus­tard, end­ing with the un­cut green sheet at the back. Check you’re happy with the way the cuts align when stacked, mak­ing any slight changes at this point if nec­es­sary.

To fin­ish, at­tach the sheets to­gether by stick­ing small pieces of dou­ble-sided tape to the cor­ners in be­tween each layer.

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