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120 x 30cm (47¼ x 117/") tar­tan fab­ric (ours 8 was from­san­wil­ 9.5cm (3¾") elas­tic, 2cm (¾") wide Match­ing sewing thread Safety pin Loop turner

01 From the tar­tan, cut one 24 x 7cm (9½ x 2¾") rec­tan­gle and two 53 x 17cm (207/ 8") x 6¾") rec­tan­gles. Fold each in half along the length with right sides (RS) to­gether and pin. Us­ing a 1cm ( 3 /8") seam al­lowance, sew the long raw edges to make three tubes.

02 Turn each fab­ric tube RS out us­ing the loop turner, then press each piece flat with the seam in the mid­dle of one side.

03 Add the safety pin to one end of the elas­tic, then thread it through the small­est tube. Re­move the pin, gather the fab­ric in the mid­dle, then sew across each short edge to se­cure the elas­tic in­side.

04 Wrap the two large fab­ric tubes around each other at the mid­dle, as shown. Place the ends of each tube wrong sides to­gether, seams fac­ing, then fold the edges in.

05 Place the elas­tic tube in the cen­tre of one end of the large pieces and fold each side in­wards. Sew across this folded piece to se­cure the elas­tic to the main head­band, then re­peat at the other end.

06 Pull the main head­band pieces over the ends of the elas­tic to con­ceal them from view and ad­just the fab­ric to shape the head­band. Trim any loose threads to fin­ish.

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