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MA­TE­RI­ALS DROPS Lima, 65% wool, 35% al­paca, 100m/109yd per 50g, two balls in Pearl Grey (9020) (Yarn A), one ball each in Gold­en­rod (2923) (Yarn B) and Pow­der Pink (3145) (Yarn C) 2mm (UK 14, US 0) cir­cu­lar knit­ting nee­dle 4mm (UK 8, US 6) cir­cu­lar knit­ting nee­dle If you use the magic loop method you’ll need a ca­ble at least 80cm (32") long, al­ter­na­tively use a cir­cu­lar nee­dle 25cm (9" or 10") long Six dif­fer­ent stitch mark­ers Yarn nee­dle Scrap yarn


Ap­prox. 21 sts and 28 rows to mea­sure 10cm (4") over stock­ing stitch AB­BRE­VI­A­TIONS (UK) st(s) stitch(es) k knit p purl k2­tog knit 2 sts to­gether kfb knit into the front and back of the st BOR be­gin­ning of round pm place marker sm slip marker


Small: length from cuff to end of hand ap­prox. 18cm (71/ 8") Medium: length from cuff to end of hand ap­prox. 19m (7 ") Large: length from cuff to end of hand ap­prox. 21.5cm (8 ") Fancy adding a me-made new­bie to your col­lec­tion of win­ter wool­lies? If you’re just get­ting into knit­ting, th­ese mit­tens will ease you into colour­work – there is a chart, but we prom­ise it’s not scary. Or, if you’re a sea­soned stitcher, in­dulge in a quick knit that’ll make a fab gift.

We love the grel­low pal­ette, but you can eas­ily switch the colours. The small is a good fit for teens, and the large will work for fel­las.


The pat­tern is writ­ten for the small­est size with medium and large size shown in brack­ets where the pat­tern dif­fers i.e. S (M, L) Us­ing 2mm cir­cu­lar nee­dle and Yarn A, cast on 37 (43, 45) sts Join us­ing the in­vis­i­ble join tech­nique, slip the first cast on st to the right nee­dle and pass the last cast on st over it, pull the tail end to close the join [36 (42, 44) sts] Place BOR marker Cuff round (k1, p1) to end of round Re­peat cuff round un­til the cuff mea­sures 9cm (35/ 8") from cast on edge Change to 4mm nee­dles and pick up Yarn B Round 1 k in Yarn B Round 2 (k1 in Yarn B, k1 in Yarn A) to end Rounds 3-4 k in Yarn A Round 5 (k1 in Yarn A, k1 in Yarn B) to end Rounds 6-7 k in Yarn A Round 8 (k1 in Yarn B, k1 in Yarn A) to end Rounds 9-10 k in Yarn A Round 11 (k1 in Yarn A, k1 in Yarn B) to end Rounds 12-13 k in Yarn A Round 14 (k1 in Yarn B, k1 in Yarn A) to end Break Yarn B Round 15 k in Yarn A Large size only: con­tinue knit­ting ev­ery round in Yarn A un­til the piece mea­sures 6.5cm (25/ 8") from the top of the cuff Thumb gus­set Next round from the BOR, kfb, k1,

kfb, pm, k to end Rounds 1-2 k ev­ery st around Round 3 kfb, k to one st be­fore m, kfb, sm, k to end Re­peat the last 3 rounds 6 (6, 7) times more Place the 17 (17, 19) sts be­tween the BOR marker and sec­ond marker on scrap yarn to make the thumb later Re­move the sec­ond marker and k1, k2­tog for size S (cast on 1 st for size M, cast on 7 sts for size L) The sts on the body sec­tion will now be 32 (40, 48) Place a stitch marker ev­ery 8 sts Now work from the chart on page 98 for 7 rounds – the chart reads from right to left and top to bot­tom, and is re­peated ev­ery 8 sts around. All sts are k Re­move all mark­ers, re­mem­ber­ing to keep the BOR marker in place Knit ev­ery round in Yarn B un­til the piece mea­sures 2.5cm (3.5cm, 3.5cm) (1" (13/ ", 13/ 8")) from top of 8 thumb gus­set If you’re mak­ing the mit­tens for your­self, stop knit­ting at the tip of your ring fin­ger Count 16 (20, 24) sts from BOR and place the sec­ond marker De­crease round k2­tog, k un­til 2 sts be­fore m, k2­tog, sm, k2­tog, k un­til 2 sts be­fore BOR marker, k2­tog Re­peat de­crease round un­til 8 sts re­main on the nee­dles Break yarn, thread through the live sts and pull tightly Thumb Slip the 17 (17, 19) held stitches back onto the 4mm cir­cu­lar nee­dle, knit across, pick up 1 (1, 5) sts from the body (or cast on sts), pm and join The sts on the body sec­tion will now be 18 (18, 24) K each round for 5cm (5cm, 6.5cm) (2" (2", 25/ 8")) Next round k2­tog around, leav­ing you with 9 (9, 12) sts Break yarn, pull through sts tightly Weave in ends, in­clud­ing any small holes caused by pick­ing up sts at the thumb base, and wet block. Turn up the cuff to fin­ish.

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