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MA­TE­RI­ALS Q 25cm (97/ 8") light brown faux suede Q 50cm (19 ") cream faux fur Q Pair of non-slip slip­per soles (ours were from Q Cream sew­ing thread Q Thick cream up­hol­stery thread Q Stranded em­broi­dery thread in light green, dark green and peach Q Sew­ing nee­dle Q Tailor’s chalk When it’s chilly and grey out­side, lit­tle com­forts at home be­come even more pre­cious. Case in point: a pair of fluffy slip­pers to pad around in for a lux­u­ri­ous fin­ish to the end of a long day. Sew a your­self a pair as a win­ter treat or make them as a Christ­mas gift for a pal. Did some­one say hygge?

For a stur­dier pair of slip­pers, try lay­er­ing up two or three sets of soles to­gether. And, for a cosier feel, back the faux suede pieces with faux fur be­fore you sew them in place. Turn to page 98 for a handy em­broi­dery stitch guide.


The front piece tem­plate on page 98 works with a size 5-6 sole. To scale it up or down, draw the front piece on pa­per a lit­tle larger or smaller, cut it out (with­out adding seam al­lowance) and pin to the soles, then try on the pa­per slip­pers. Ad­just the pat­tern piece as nec­es­sary un­til the fit is right.

01 With the faux suede right side (RS) down, place the front piece tem­plate on page 98 (or your re-sized ver­sion) on top and draw around it with tailor’s chalk. Turn the pat­tern over and draw around it again, leav­ing 2cm ( ") in be­tween each shape. Cut out both pieces with a 1cm ( 3 /8") seam al­lowance. Lay the faux fur out RS down and place the felt soles on top, also RS down. Draw around the soles, then cut out the shapes with a 1cm ( 3 /8") seam al­lowance. Also cut out two 40 x 8cm (15 x 31/ 8") strips from the faux fur. For larger shoe sizes, make this two 45 x 8cm (17 x 31/ 8") pieces.

02 On the front piece pat­tern tem­plate, mea­sure 4.5cm (17/ 8") down from the top curved edge, mark at sev­eral points along the curve, then join th­ese to form a curved line. Cut along this line, dis­card­ing the toe sec­tion, and use this curved strip as a new tem­plate. Place the tem­plate on the wrong side ( WS) of the faux fur and draw around it twice, then turn it over and draw around it twice again, leav­ing at least 2cm ( ") in be­tween each shape. Cut th­ese four pieces out with a 1cm ( 3 /8") seam al­lowance.

03 Take two of the curved strips, each with the pat­tern drawn the op­po­site way up, and pin RS to­gether. Sew along the side and bot­tom out­ward curved edges, 1cm ( 3 /8") in, leav­ing the top edge open. Turn RS out. Re­peat with the other pair. Lay out one of the faux suede pieces RS down, and lay one of the faux fur curved strips on top, align­ing the raw edges at the bot­tom and with the open edge at the top. Pin and sew 1cm ( 3 /8") in from the bot­tom. Re­peat with the other faux suede and faux fur pieces, then fold the faux fur pieces over to the RS of the faux suede so they sit on top. Pin in place.

04 Us­ing tailor’s chalk, mark out the em­broi­dery pat­tern on page 98 in

the cen­tre of the RS of each of the faux suede pieces. When plac­ing this, bear in mind you’ll lose 1cm ( around the outer edge when it’s sewn to the sole. Us­ing long straight stitches and three strands of each shade, sew the fan-shaped em­broi­dery, re­fer­ring to the im­age as a guide to colour place­ment.

On each of the soles, lay out the match­ing piece of faux fur so it over­laps the edges evenly all the way around, RS up. Tuck the edges of the faux fur un­der by 1cm ( and pin all the way around.

Take one of the faux suede pieces and line up the front cen­tre with the front cen­tre of one of the soles, over­lap­ping it by 1cm ( Make sure you have the cor­rect piece for that sole so the in­ner and outer edges are on the cor­rect sides as marked on the tem­plate – the in­ner edge is a lit­tle pointier. Be­gin tuck­ing the faux suede un­der the faux fur, re­mov­ing the pins as you go and re­plac­ing them through all the lay­ers. Do this all the way around the faux suede piece.

Use the up­hol­stery thread dou­bled to blan­ket stitch all the way around the sole. With sew­ing thread, add a few stitches to the short edges of the folded over fur strips to hold th­ese in place. Re­move any pins.

Take the long strips of faux fur cut in Step 1 and fold in half along the length with RS to­gether. Pin and sew 1cm ( in along the long raw edge, then turn RS out. Tuck the end of one tube ap­prox­i­mately 3cm (1 ") in­side one of the slip­pers at the side and sew the end to se­cure. Sew the tube all the way around the outer edge of the back of the slip­per – don’t sew all the way through the sole, just join to the faux fur lin­ing so the stitches won’t show. Cut off any ex­cess, leav­ing 3cm (1 ") to tuck in­side, and sew the other end in place. Re­peat Steps 6-8 for the sec­ond slip­per to fin­ish.

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