Macraweave cush­ion

Com­bine two crafts and get your macraweave on with Is­abella Stram­bio’s state­ment cush­ion

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Com­bine two crafts for boho style

This cush­ion might not trans­port you from cold, rainy Blighty to a Cal­i­for­nian loft, but it’s def­i­nitely a step in the right di­rec­tion to a bo­hemian realm where tex­ture is king, and nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als are fun­da­men­tal for laid­back style.

Lay­er­ing fi­bre art on fi­bre art, this macramé/weav­ing mash up is a tas­selled, tac­tile dream come true. Turn to page 98 be­fore start­ing to fa­mil­iarise your­self with the dif­fer­ent knot­ting tech­niques.

Cut a 1.5m (591/ length of cord and tape the ends to the work sur­face. Cut 30 3m (1181/ lengths of cord and at­tach them cen­trally us­ing lark’s head knot. Then, start­ing from the left, make a row of 15 square knots.

Next, leave out the first and last two lengths and make a row of 14 square knots. Be­low this, use all the lengths of cord to make a row of 15 square knots.

Next, work with just the first 20 lengths, start­ing from the left. Leave out the first two lengths and make a row of four square knots. Skip the first four lengths and make a row of three square knots be­low. Then, leave out the first six lengths and make a row of two square knots be­low. Make the last square knot to cre­ate an ar­row shape.

Re­peat Step 3 with the next 10 lengths, then fi­nally with the last 10 lengths. You should end up with three ar­row shapes.

Cut a 1.5m (591/ length of cord to use as a guide, then use the dou­ble half hitch knot to cre­ate a wave un­der the three tri­an­gles.

Cut an­other 1.5m (591/ length of cord to use as a guide and re­peat Step 5 di­rectly be­low.

Start­ing from the right, take the first four lengths and make a square knot. Take the two lengths on the left of the knot and make a square knot be­low.

Con­tinue un­til you have four square knots un­der the right side of the wave, then re­peat on the other side, as shown. Fi­nally, join the two sides by ty­ing a square knot in the mid­dle.

Con­tinue adding a di­ag­o­nal row of square knots un­til you have a straight row of three square knots.

Re­peat Steps 7-9 un­der each wave, then join them with square knots to fin­ish with a straight row of 14 square knots.

Leave a gap of ap­prox­i­mately 18cm (71/ ") then mir­ror the row of 14 square knots, leav­ing out the first and last two lengths.

To mir­ror the top part of the de­sign at the bot­tom, work Steps 2-10 in re­verse or­der.

Cut a 1.5m (591/ length of cord to use as a guide and, us­ing the dou­ble half hitch knot, cre­ate a straight line be­low the last row of 15 square knots. To cre­ate a fringe, cut across the 30 lengths at the cen­tre of the 18cm (71/ ") gap left, then un­ravel and comb the ends.

To weave the rov­ing yarn on the mid­dle part of the cush­ion, take 2m (78 ") of the first coloured yarn. Start­ing from the left, wrap one end twice around the first length. Weave across the width of the cush­ion, go­ing over and un­der al­ter­nate lengths. It’s up to you how taut you want to pull the yarn – the looser you keep it, the big­ger the loop will be, but you might need more yarn. Wrap the yarn twice more at the other side.

For the next row, pick a dif­fer­ent shade of rov­ing and weave as per Step 14, this time go­ing un­der then over. Re­peat Steps 14-15 to make a to­tal of six rows of weav­ing.

Turn the piece over and tack in the ends of the rov­ing yarn. Pin the com­pleted piece right side (RS) up on the front of the cush­ion and sew in place around the out­side with a nee­dle and match­ing thread.

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