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all the leaves, then em­broi­der the stems in run­ning stitch.

12 Stitch French knots next to the sprig bunches us­ing three strands of white thread.

13 The two em­broi­dered doves are bro­ken down into three dif­fer­ent sec­tions – the bod­ies, tails and wings. Use two strands of white thread to stitch all three of the sec­tions. Start with the bod­ies, us­ing long and short stitches near the beak, and mak­ing sure the stitches fol­low the nat­u­ral di­rec­tion of the feath­ers by curv­ing them around the head. Leave a lit­tle gap for the eye, then con­tinue down to­wards the tail, as shown. Make sure you keep the stitches very close to­gether so none of the dark back­ground fab­ric be­low shows through the em­broi­dery.

14 Stitch­ing the tails with the same white thread, use the im­age for ref­er­ence as to which sec­tions are filled in for this step, con­tin­u­ing with long and short stitches in a curved down­wards di­rec­tion, and mak­ing sure to leave the lines sep­a­rat­ing the sec­tions clear for the metal­lic de­tails.

15 As in Steps 13 and 14, work through each sec­tion of the wings sep­a­rately in long and short stitch leav­ing the di­vid­ing lines clear – use the im­age above as a guide. Make sure the stitches fol­low the curves of the wings.

16 For the metal­lic de­tails on the doves’ wings, tails and beaks, use two strands of gold thread. The larger sec­tions are filled in us­ing satin stitch and the out­lines are in run­ning stitch.

17 The doves’ eyes are filled in with two strands of black thread and satin stitch, then one straight line through the beak.

18 To fin­ish off the hoop, make sure the de­sign is po­si­tioned cen­trally in the hoop with the fab­ric taut. Trim away the ex­cess fab­ric, leav­ing a 2.5cm (1") bor­der all the way round. Use a hot glue gun on the top edge of the in­ner part of the em­broi­dery hoop, peg­ging the fab­ric down over it to hold it in place as you go. Once the glue is dry, re­move the pegs. You could also cut a cir­cle of felt to size to stick over the back.

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