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2m (78 ") sil­ver rib­bon, 10cm (4") wide 2m (78 ") sil­ver fringed lametta tin­sel strips, fringe ap­prox. 45cm (17 ") long Felt pen Match­ing sewing thread

Chan­nel your in­ner Christ­mas tree and swish into party sea­son wear­ing the ritzi­est skirt there is. Rib­bon, shiny tin­sel fring­ing and a bit of ma­chine sewing and you’ve got a look that’ll lit­er­ally out­shine ev­ery­thing else in your wardrobe.

Not only is this piece sim­ple to make, you can eas­ily per­son­alise it by us­ing longer fring­ing, trim­ming it to a shorter length, or pick­ing a dif­fer­ent tin­sel colour to play with. Max­i­mum glit­ter, min­i­mum ef­fort. The sparkly skirt is worn wrap­around style, ty­ing to­gether at the back or the side.

01 Wrap the rib­bon around your waist and mark where the two ends meet. Add on an ex­tra 60cm (235/ 8") to that length, then cut the rib­bon. Us­ing the felt pen, make a small mark 20cm (77/ 8") in from both ends of the rib­bon to in­di­cate the area onto which you’ll sew the tin­sel fring­ing.

02 Cut the tin­sel fring­ing into six 30cm (117/ 8") long strips, dis­card­ing any ex­cess.

03 Lay the rib­bon down on the bed of your sewing ma­chine, lin­ing one of the small felt pen marks up with the nee­dle. Lay a strip of tin­sel on top of the rib­bon at its bot­tom edge, mak­ing sure to line its end up with the first mark. Us­ing a ba­sic top stitch, sew back and forth for a few stitches to make sure the tin­sel strip is se­curely fas­tened, then sew along un­til you reach the sec­ond felt pen mark. Sew back­wards for a few stitches to se­cure it, then cut the thread.

04 Re­peat Step 3 with each of the re­main­ing tin­sel strips, sewing them onto the rib­bon in lay­ers from the bot­tom edge to the top be­tween the two felt pen marks to build up the thick­ness un­til the skirt is look­ing full.

05 Wrap the com­pleted skirt around your waist. Use the two loose ends of rib­bon to tie it on, an­gling the bow or knot to the back or side of your body. As the fring­ing will part as you move, it’s best to wear a pair of shorts or a mini skirt un­der­neath.

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